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The Antarctic Circle is a non-commercial forum and resource on historical, literary, bibliographical, artistic and cultural aspects of Antarctica and the South Polar regions. The breadth and quantity of its content expands periodically.

The Antarctic Circle itself—as distinct from this website—is an informal international group of scholars and knowledgeable amateurs interested or involved in non-scientific Antarctic studies.

The Antarctic Circle has benefited from much useful information passed on for inclusion by many people over the years.

Inclusion in The Antarctic Circle of appropriate material from persons active in the above areas is welcomed. For more information please contact the coordinator:

Robert B. Stephenson, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 435, Jaffrey, New Hampshire 03452, USA
Tel: 603-532-POLE
E-mail: antarctic-circle@comcast.net [Note: From time-to-time correspondents, particularly in Europe and Australia, find their e-mails are bounced back by Comcast. If this happens, try this alternative e-address: rob@rs41.org

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Last updated: 25 March 2015. Those sections below that were updated in the past few days are indicated thusly:


The Library of The Antarctic Circle has moved to a new location. Have a look at http://www.rs41.org/Library/Home.html

Some of the visitors to the Library.



Bach of the Antarctic!

Have a look at some unusual penguins.
and how it was made

And how about this one in Japan?


Current & Upcoming Antarctic Events [Last Updated: 6 February 2015]. • Dun Laoghaire Shackleton exhibition • SouthPole-sium v.2 • James Caird Society, Centenary Lunch • 15th Annual Shackleton Autumn School • Shackleton Westminster Abbey Memorial Service

SouthPole-sium v.2: An Antarctic gathering in Scotland, 1-4 May 2015 [Last Updated: 23 March 2015]
59 have registered; 10 have said "they're defintely coming" but have yet to register; and 24 have said they're "likely to come" but have yet to register. Add those together and it totals 93. The limit is 100 so don't be disappointed. Get on the list now with no commitment or better yet, register!
Total registrants as of the moment: 59. Only 41 spaces left!

SouthPole-sium: An Antarctic book gathering in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 15-17 June. RE-CAP [Last Updated: 3 July 2012]
The two-disc video produced by Tom Henderson is now available at http://www.gwillow.com/SouthPole-sium.html

Past Antarctic Events - 2013 and 2014.
Past Antarctic Events - 2011 and 2012.
Past Antarctic Events - 2009 and 2010.
Past Antarctic Events - 2007 and 2008.
Past Antarctic Events - 2005 and 2006.
Past Antarctic Events - 2002 through 2004.
Past Antarctic Events - 2001 or Earlier.


Antarctic Book Notes. [Last Updated: 6 December 2014] Recently issued Antarctic titles: • New biography of Dumont d'Urville • A biography of the Fram • Shackleton and poetry • Michael Smith on Shackleton • Haddelsey on Operation Tabarin • Skelton et al on sledge testing • Bulkeley on Bellingshausen • Mike Warr's murder mystery • Catching up on Nimrod (the Journal) • Mucho Mawson • Hirzel on Crean • Martin re-appears • A big biography by David Day • Antarctic Fiction • Hoosh • Bowers journals • Haddelsey on CTAE • P.O. Evans' biography • Lost Photographs Captain Scott • Wilson's Antarctic Notebooks • Joan Boothe on the Peninsula
About Antarctic Encyclopedias—More Than You Will Ever Want or Need to Know.

Some duplicates.
Antarctic Books Due and Works-in-Progress. [Last Updated: 25 March 2015] • Antarcticans at war • Northern Party newspaper • An Operation Taliban title • Bullock on Priestley • Tarver on Atkinson • McOrist on the Mount Hope party • Taaffe on Stackhouse • Women to Antarctca • Mountaineering and NZ Antarctic science • Another from T.H. Baughman

Antiquarian Booksellers specializing in Antarcticana. [Last Updated: 4 February 2013] Paul Davies (Kingsbridge Books) has a new catalogue out. As does Cameron Treleaven (Aquila Books) Catalogue 113 but it's not yet online.

Some Rare Antarctic Books [Last Updated: 21 March 2015] • The Adelie Mail & Cape Adare Times • The Antarctic Petrel • The Blizzard • Aurora Australis • The Antarctic Book • South Polar Times • Catalogue of The British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-9 • Davis's A Letter from the Antarctic.

Antarctic Collections. [Last Updated: 22 February 2011] • Catalogue of The Library of The Antarctic Circle • The Mountaineering and Polar Collections at the National Library of Scotland • Hampshire County Council Archives • David Stam's paper on Bassett Jones and his Libris Polaris • The largely unknown Griffith Taylor collection in Australia • Antipodean Books' big collection • SPRI's 'Freeze Frame' project • New acquisitions by Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery • Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program • Waite Collection at Peabody Essex Museum. • SPRI's archives going on 'Archives Hub.'

Antarctic Poetry. [Last Updated: 7 March 2015] • Some Antarctic haiku and tanka • McNeil's Night Orders • Ponting's 'Sleeping Bag' • A Shackleton poem • Poems by Elizabeth Bradfield • A Mawson poem • Two Scott poems • A Shackleton poem. • A Scott poem.

Tekeli-li. [Last and Final Update: 11 January 2010] Fauno Cordes' annotated bibliography of Antarctic fiction. Hundreds of works of fiction—1605 to the present—that have an Antarctic setting or connection of one sort or another. Extensive and useful introduction. NOTE: Fauno died on 25 December 2009.
Her obituary appears elsewhere on this site.
Antarctic Fiction Bibliography. Valmar Kurol, Curator. Inspired by the work of Fauno Cordes. [Launched: 30 January 2011. Last Updated: 18 January 2015]

Books taken on Antarctic expeditions. [Last Updated: 13 June 2014]

Antarctic bookplates. [Last Updated: 9 January 2013]

Antarctic Maps. [Last Updated: 23 December 2007] • Extensive update. New information on US and UK maps and charts of Antarctica • New BAS map.


Here's an interesting piece on collecting from Country Life.

Antarctic Auctions. [Last Updated: 21 March 2015] • The Library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching at Sotheby's Part 3 RESULTS • Bonham's Travel, Exploration and Natural History RESULTS • Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions RESULTS • Christie's Travel, Exploration and Natural History RESULTS • The Library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching at Sotheby's Part 2 RESULTS • A Lashly at Bloomsbury RESULTS • The Library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching at Sotheby's Part 1 RESULTS • Christie's South Ken 10 October RESULTS • Arctic item in Salisbury RESULTS • Bonham's Polar II Scott & Amundsen Centenary RESULTS • Christie's sale on 9 October 2012 RESULTS • Bonham's celebrates the Scott-Amundsen centenary 30 March 2012 RESULTS

Antarctic Medals. [Last Updated: 15 September 2012]. Curated by Glenn M. Stein, FRGS. • Vince's Medals • South Polar Race Medal • Surgeon David Lyall • Frank Wild. • Sergeant William Cunningham, Royal Marines. • Netmen of The Antarctic. • French South Seas & Antarctic Expedition, 1837-40. • The German Atlantic Meteor Expedition Medal 1925-27. • Thomas Feather. • Admiral Edward Joseph Bird. • The Challenger Medal. • Pilot "Tommy" Thomson. • Alton Lindsey, Byrd Antarctic Expedition II, 1933-35. • Russia's Honored Polar Explorer Badge. • Dog driver Louis P. Colombo.

Antarctic Trade Cards. [Last Updated: 20 September 2011]. This combines Series 1, 2 and 3.

Some Collectors of Antarcticana in their Native Habitat. [Last Updated: 24 May 2014]


Summary of Antarctic Voyages and Expeditions. [Last Updated: 28 December 2006] Prepared by Michael Rosove.

Chronologies & Timelines of Antarctic Exploration. [Last Updated: 4 February 2010] • Principal Expeditions during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration • An Historical Timeline of Antarctic Exploration • A Concise Chronology of Approach to the Poles • Timelines for Ernest Shackleton, Robert F. Scott and Roald Amundsen.

Antarctic Firsts. [Last Updated: 4 October 2014]

Antarctic Historic Sites. [Last Updated: 1 April 2007]

Historic Antarctic Huts. [Last Updated: 4 October 2014]

Antarctic Calendar. [Last Updated: 4 October 2014] A listing of Antarctic events—some important, some less so, some interesting or entertaining—with entries for many days of the year.

Antarctic Ships. [Last Updated: 21 August 2008] Ships that loom large (and small) in the history of Antarctic exploration. • Some new entries from Jennifer Stringer • Richard Paul Smyers on the Wyatt Earp and the Schwabenland • Some interesting details on the Bear • Some additions from Charles Lagerbom • Info on the Uruguay from Michael Rosove

Antarctic Aviation. [Last Updated: 1 March 2015]


Antarctic Websites. [Last Updated: 27 December 2014] • Updated and links checked as of 4 January 2014 • Cooking on Ice • Shackleton100 • Shackleton in Schools • Scott's Last Expedition • Antarctic panoramas • Street View comes to Antarctica! • A terrific source for e-books • Antarctic dates • Scott's ponies • Scott's Northern Party site and blog added • More e-books Many Antarctic titles on Google Book Search.

Antarctic Organizations. [Last Updated: 25 February 2013]
The Best of Shane. [Last Updated: 31 August 2014]


Antarctic "Living Treasures". [Last Updated: 17 April 2012] Some great contemporary Antarcticans.

Antarctic Nicknames. [Last Updated: 25 February 2015]

Endurance Family Members. [Last Updated: 10 September 2014] Richard Brodeur's 'work in progress' tracing descendants of Shackleton's 'Endurance' expedition.

Antarctic Obituaries. [Last Updated: 30 May 2014] • Including indexes to obituaries in the Polar Record and Geographical Journal.
• Charles Swithinbank 27 May 2014 • Nicholas Johnson 28 November 2012 • Alan Gurney 22 July 2012 • Colin Bull 7 September 2010 • Lt Cdr Malcolm Burley 23 August 2010 • Adelie Hurley 4 March 2010 • Phillip Garth Law 28 February 2010 • Fauno Cordes 25 December 2009 • John M. Levinson 4 October 2009 • Jackie Ronne 14 June 2009 • Margery Wharton 17 September 2008 • Sir Edmund Hillary 11 January 2008 • Sir Wally Herbert 12 June 2007 • Peter Jensen Skellerup 15 May 2006 • John Arnfield Heap 8 March 2006 • Norman Vaughan 23 December 2005 • William Mills 8 May 2004 • Duncan Carse 2 May 2004 • Lady Virginia Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes 20 February 2004 • Captain Leonard Hill 2 September 2003 • A.G.E. Jones 2002 • Charlie Burton 16 July 2002 • George W. Gibbs 7 November 2001 • Harding Dunnett 22 April 2000 • Commander Sir Jameson Adams 30 April 1962 • Francis Howard Bickerton 1934


Antarctic Art. [Last Updated: 23 April 2014] • New Zealand artist, Sue Cooke • David Abbey Paige at the Fitchburg Art Museum • Dumont d'Urville's artist • Frank Wild plaque now up at Grytviken • Antarctic Artist Robert C. Hogue • Duncan Carse bust appeal • First Antarctica painting • Mrs Chippy returns! • Scott statue unveiled in Cardiff • 1903 Article by Frank Wilbert Stokes • Operation Deepfreeze I on-line exhibition.

Antarctic Image Chronology [Last Updated: 21 November 2009] Prepared by William L. Fox.

Antarctic Photography and Film [Last Updated: 10 October 2012] Photography Comes to the Polar Regions—Almost, by Glenn M. Stein, FRGS.

Antarctic Movies [Last Updated: 18 January 2015] Dramas/Fictional Movies about Antarctica (non documentaries). Compiled by Valmar Kurol.

Antarctic Music. [Last Updated: 4 March 2015] • Shackleton's Endurance • Songs for the Scott Centenary • Video and music from iLIKETRAiNS • Our Retired Explorer (Dines with Michel Folcault in Paris, 1961) • Two songs from Billy-Ace • A Shackleton song • Music commemorating Bruce and the Scotia. • A Scott song. • 'Songs of the Morning' CD.

Antarctica Experienced Through Music; Capsule Comments on CDs about Antarctica. [Last Updated: 1 February 2015] Prepared by Valmar Kurol.

Musical Instruments in Antarctica. [Last Updated: 23 July 2014] BEING DEVELOPED

Antarctic Theatre. [Last Updated: 18 April 2010] • Tom Crean: Sailor on Ice—an online audiodrama. • The Last South tours Britain 9 April - 24 May 2008.


Antarctic Queries. [Last updated: 13 April 2014] • Forsters' Characteres Generum Plantarum • Scott's camera • A Shackleton mystery • A Query and a Puzzle. Requests concerning • Frank Bickerton (AAE) • Scott, J.M. Barrie and 'Polly' • author J. Gordon Hayes

Antarctic Odds & Ends. [Last Updated: 14 December 2014] • Erebus (or Terror) found & bell recovered • The Polar Record: no more print issues • Participate in a Survey on Antarctic Tourism • Mawson's huts replica • Discovery of the South Shetland Islands • Scott's dates • New Zealand earthquake • Green Plaque for Markham • Scott's rocks • Some Antarctic keepsakes • Some Keynote/Powerpoint presentations • Antarcticana in the Levinson Collection • Evans vs Evans • Shackleton(s) in Boston • An interesting two pages from Frank Hill • George Gibbs, Antarctica's first black explorer • Blackboard penguins found at SPRI • Scott-era diary found.

Antarctic Pets. [Last Updated: 30 March 2004]

Antarctic Flags. [Last Updated: 4 December 2014]

Antarctic Food & Drink. [Last Updated: 4 October 2014]

Antarctic Skis & Sledges. [Last Updated: 13 January 2013]

Antarctic Quotes. [Last Updated: 23 January 2005]

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. [Last Updated: 16 January 2015]

A Low-Latitude Antarctic Gazetteer. [Last Updated: 15 September 2012] A descriptive listing of sites of Antarctic interest outside of the Antarctic, places that have some association with the exploration of the South Polar Regions. Prepared by Robert Stephenson. MAJOR RE-ARRANGEMENT UNDERWAY. JUST ADDED: • PowerPoint shows • Google maps locating sites (so far England, Scotland and Wales, London & Environs, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and United States & Canada).

$100 Contest. [Last Updated: 8 September 2013]

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