Below are photos from various sources of some of those registered for the SouthPole-ium:

Neelon Crawford

Photographer. Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Regina Daly

Author. In O'Briens, Athy, Co Kildare.

Paul Davies

Polar Bookseller. Devon, UK.

Damien Gildea

Mountaineer. Australia.

Richard J.S. Gutman

West Roxbury, Massachusetts.


David Hirzel

Pacifica, California.

David with an Irish friend. Source:

Lawrence Howard

Storyteller. Portland, Oregon

Lucia deLeiris

Artist. Watertown, Massachusetts

Stephen Hicks (with Rob Stephenson)

In the Library of the Antarctic Circle in Jaffrey, NH.

Richard Joss and Tracy Sheeley

Bruce and Sally Larsen

Jaffrey, NH

David and Cathy Lilburne

Booksellers. Garrison, NY

Jim McAdam, Seamus Taaffe and Geraldine McAdam

In O'Briens, Athy, Co Kildare.

Jim McCarthy

Climate scientist and collector. Francestown, New Hampshire

Joe O'Farrell

Bi-polar collector/writer. Co Wicklow, Ireland.

David Roberts

Author. Watertown, Massachusetts

Michael Rosove and Marty Greene

Collectors and authors. At the Levinson sale, New York City.

Steve Ross

Collector. Toronto, Canada

Charlie and Miranda Shackleton

Furnituremaker and potter. Bridgewater, Vermont

David Stam and Greg Glade

Author/collector; bookseller. At the Levinson sale, New York City.

David and Deirdre Stam

Authors/collectors. Syracuse, New York. (Shown here outside the Library of The Antarctic Circle, Jaffrey, NH)

Seamus Taaffe

Collector. Co Kildare, Ireland.

Karen Ronne Tupek

Antarctican. At her father's grave in Arlington National Cemetery. David Wilson at the left and Jackie Ronne in the rear.

David and Isobel Williams

Author. At Obriss Farm in Kent. (Michael Smith in between.)