The Antarctic Book was the third volume of the Edition de Luxe of Shackleton's The Heart of the Antarctic.

Launched: 28 September 2008.         Last updated: 16 December 2010.

Including a section on The Antarctic Book was suggested by Michael Rosove in a recent e-mail which reads, in part:
"Here's an idea for you for the website…You have posted "The Blizzard" and "Aurora Australis"…I would suggest adding a third item, the 1st state of "The Antarctic Book." It would be of great interest to know just how many copies there are out there. I have now heard of about six or seven. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more, but they're undoubtedly far fewer than the 2nd state. "The Antarctic Book" was not numbered, but respondents could be encouraged to report the associated copy number of the first two volumes and any other unique information or identifiers.
So I'll start the ball rolling. There were four copies already noted in my bibliography, and I made a notation about one more. I wish I had recorded the other one or two I heard about. Anyway, the associated copy numbers in volume I that I can confirm are 74, 90, 99, 120, and 227."

Click here to go to where you'll find UC Berkeley's copy of The Antarctic Book in several formats, scanned by Microsoft. (Thanks to Larry Conrad for leading me to this.)

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Entry describing The Heart of the Antarctic and The Antarctic Book from ANTARCTICA, 1772-1922; FREESTANDING PUBLICATIONS THROUGH 1999 by Michael H. Rosove.

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