The Blizzard was produced in an edition of 50 aboard Scott's Discovery in 1902.

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Click here to download a copy of The Blizzard. [Michael Rosove has kindly provided me with a scan of a photocopy of The Blizzard which is helpful to have as an accompaniment to the transcription. One will note that Koettlitz's name appears in the upper left corner of the title page. This suggests it was his copy. The SPRI copy has additional material at the end (a programme for a gathering on May 1st, 1902, combining a 'magic lantern' show and songs). Also, two pages are in different order: THE BLIZZARD appears before THE BLIZZARD NON-CUSS JACK in this copy, while they are in the reverse order in the transcription. This presumably is just a difference in the original collating of the leaves.]

Click here to download a transcription of The Blizzard.

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      Entry describing The Blizzard from ANTARCTICA, 1772-1922; FREESTANDING PUBLICATIONS THROUGH 1999 by Michael H. Rosove.

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