Launched: 22 February 2018.

The Barrier Bull was a newsletter issued during Richard Byrd's second Antarctic expedition (1933-34).

"The Barrier Bull was the only internal magazine compiled within Little America during the expedition. The following selections from each of the eight issues are representative of the environment in which the men lived during the long winter night spent in buildings and tunnels under the snow. The tension and conflict among the men over Admiral Byrd's fate are under-currents that emerge. The Little America Times, by August Howard, was reporting on the expe- dition from the United States; using versions of expedition events carefully crafted by Charlie Murphy and others working with him or Admiral Byrd, the newsletter was intended for the interested public and published amusing and dramatic expedition events. Created as onboard diversions for the men on the Jacob Ruppert on its way to Antarctica, the other two and mutually rivaling newsletters mentioned by Paine (the Snowshovel and the Stormy Petrel) were extremely short-lived.

As a pleasurable distraction during the winter night, Paine initiated the Barrier Bull. Editors Paine and Dick Russell, in addition to publishing their own pieces, solicited articles from the other fifty-three members of the ice party at Little America. The column by Charlie Murphy both supplied information regarding his communications with Admiral Byrd, who was alone at Advance Base, and made wry comments about the internal dynamics of Little America. More straightforward were the editorials about the summer field plans, the conditions, problems, and possible solutions within the men's society, and a strong commentary on leadership and the issue of whether to rescue Admiral Byrd before spring. In addition, selected articles written by Paine vividly describe the world of the radiomen, the dog drivers, the solution to dental problems, and the story of an ill-conceived winter field trip across the Bay of Whales. (Paine Antarctic Collection)."

This is taken from Appendix 4 of Footsteps on the Ice: The Antarctic Diaries of Stuart D. Paine, Second Byrd Expedituon. Edited with an Introduction by M. L. Paine (Columbia and London: University of Missouri Press, 2007).