PAST ANTARCTIC EVENTS - 2002 through 2004

Included here are notices of lectures, conferences and other gatherings or events of Antarctic interest that appeared between 2002 and 2004 under 'Antarctic Events' but are now history.

Last updated: 3 April 2005.

INDEX OF EVENTS (Most recent first):

Discovery Centenary Weekend (10-12 December, 2004. Tom Crean Society).
Sandra Chapman's "Antarctica--Notes from the Field" (19 November - 17 December, 2004. University of Warwick).
"Terra Nova" (13 November - 18 December, 2004. BackStage Theatre Company, Chicago).
Judy Skelton on her grandfather, Reginald Skelton (13 November 2004. SPRI, Cambridge).
James Caird Society, AGM, Members' Evening and Lecture (12 November 2004. Dulwich College, London).
Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition Reunion (11 November 2004. Beaumont, Texas).
A Century of South Georgia (30 October 2004. SPRI, Cambridge).
"Antarctic Heroes--The Race to the Pole" (28 May-26 October 2004, Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand).
Fourth Annual Shackleton Autumn School (22-25 October 2004. Athy, Ireland).
France and the Antarctic (16 October 2004. SPRI, Cambridge).
Discovery Dinner (18 September 2004, London) SOME HIGHLIGHTS.
Icemelt: Journey to Antarctica. Artist Lisa Roberts (Sydney and Launceston).
Due South: Art and the Antarctic (24 February - 1 August, 2004. Natural History Museum, London).
Scotia Centenary (23-24 July, 2004. Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland).
A Century of Discovery: Antarctic Exploration and the Southern Ocean (28-30 June 2004. Southampton).
South Georgia Association Meeting (19 June 2004. Edinburgh).
Discovery Week - Dundee. (19-27 June 2004. Dundee).
Re-Dedication of Scott Memorial. (6 June 2004. Plymouth).
James Caird Society, Members' Evening and Lecture. (14 May 2004. Dulwich College, London).
Crean Event at the RGS (6 May 2004. Royal Geographical Society, London).
Sandra Chapman: "Antarctica--Notes from the Field" (18 March - 9 April 2004. Harvard University, Cambridge).
Talks at SPRI (24 January - 6 March 2004. SPRI, Cambridge).
Exhibition of Colour Photographs by Roger Slade (17-23 January, 2004. Hayletts Gallery, Maldon, Essex).
'S.S. Terra Nova: Whaler, Sealer and Polar Exploration Ship' A Talk by Mike Tarver (15 November 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
'Bound for Antarctica: Reading on the Discovery 1901-1904' A Talk by Bill Bell (1 November 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
'Forty Years in the Transantarctic Mountains' A Talk by Charles Swithinbank (18 October 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
James Caird Society, Members' Evening and Lecture. (7 November 2003. Dulwich College, London).
Third Annual Shackleton Autumn School (24-26 October 2003, Athy, Ireland).
Women's Roles in the Polar Regions: Past, Present and Future. American Polar Society's 2003 Symposium (9-10 October 2003, Columbus, Ohio).
Echoes in the Ice, Rik van Glintenkamp (18 September 2003 and other dates, Santa Barbara and San Diego).
Antarctica 2002 - Mitchell Library (various dates, Sydney).
Conference: The Future of South Georgia (18-20 September 2003, SPRI, Cambridge).
Unveiling of Tom Crean Statue (20 July 2003, Annascaul, Ireland).
William Speirs Bruce Exhibit (8 March - 7 June 2003. Royal Museum. Edinburgh).
Friends of SPRI -- Summer Lunch (7 June 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
Unveiling of Scott Memorial (6 June 2003. Cardiff).
'Oceans of Discovery' An Exhibit (until 27 April 2003. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich).
South Georgia Association - Reception and Film (22 May 2003. Royal Over-Seas League, London).
James Caird Society, Members' Evening and Lecture (9 May 2003. Dulwich College, London).
Michael Smith on Oates (4 May 2003. St Mary the Virgin Church, Gestingthorpe).
'Scott's and Shackleton's Huts: A Century On' A Talk by Simon Jenkins (16 April 2003. RGS, London).
'Antarctica Tourism: Good or Bad?' A Talk by John Killingbeck (11 March 2003. Stover School, Newton Abbot).
'Surveying in Antarctica Forty Years Ago' A Talk by Richard Harbour (8 March 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
'Henry Robertson Bowers (1883-1912)' A Talk by Clive Bradbury (22 February 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
Grand Polar Dinner - James Caird Society) (15 February 2003. Royal Over-Seas League, London).
'The British Army Expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula' A Talk by Richard Pattison (8 February 2003. SPRI, Cambridge).
Antarctic Visions and Voices, An Exhibit and Talks (17 January - 11 March, 2003. Carleton College, Northfield MN).
Some More Tom Crean Events (12-15 December 2003. Tralee and Annascaul).
'Envisioning Antarctica' A Talk by William L. Fox (7 December 2002.. Cosmos Club, Washington DC).
'North and South: The Arctic and Antarctic from a Painter's Perspective' An Exhibit and Talk (3-20 December 2002. University of Surrey, Guildford).
'Captain Oates' A Talk by Michael Smith (19 November 2002. Oates Museum, Selborne).
Friends of SPRI - Summer Lunch and AGM (16 November 2002. Girton College, Cambridge).
James Caird Society Meeting and Lecture (8 November 2002. Dulwich College, London).
Old Antarctic Explorers Association Reunion (6 - 8 November 2002. Pensacola FL).
The Second Ernest Shackleton Autumn School (24-27 October 2003. Athy, Ireland).
Antarctic Lectures at SPRI (19 October, 16 November 2002. SPRI, Cambridge).
Some Tom Crean Events (October - December 2002. Annascaul).
'Discovering Antarctica' Rock Collection from the Early Antarctic Expeditions (5 October 2002 - 11 January 2003). Hunterian Museum, Glasgow).
UK Antarctic Heritage Trust Outing to SPRI (21 September 2002. SPRI, Cambridge).
South Georgia Association - AGM (24 May 2002).
James Caird Society - Member's Evening and Lecture (10 May 2002. Dulwich College, London).
Polar Adventurer Robert Swan on 'Personal Leadership' (18 April 2002.Lehman Brothers, London).
'Shackleton' Starring Kenneth Branagh (7 April 2002).
Major Antarctic Exhibition in Ireland (April-December 2002. Kerry County Museum, Tralee).
New 'Discovery' Exhibition at Dundee (March 2002. Discovery Point, Dundee).
'The Endurance' A Documentary by George Butler.
Exhibit of Hurley Photographs (until 29 March 2002). Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock).
'Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance' to Air (26 March 2002).
'The Shackleton Memorial Expedition' A Talk by Neil Laughton and Trevor Potts (21 March 2002. RGS, London).
Scott Talk in Plymouth by David Wilson (19 March 2002. Plymouth City Museum, Plymouth).
'The Antarctic Voyages of the Discovery, 1901-1931' A Talk by Ann Savours (10 March 2002. RGS, London).
'Arctic and Polar Medals - Rewards for the Brave, the Foolhardy adn the Shivering!' A Talk by John Myres (2 February 2002. SPRI, London).
'Echoes in the Ice' An exhibit of work by Rik van Glintenkamp (from 15 January 2002. Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa).


To be held by the Tom Crean Society on 10-12 December 2004. For information e-mail
--From Polar Bytes, No. 33
(29 September 2004)


From 19 November to 17 December 2004, Library Gallery, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK. Web:
In the Antarctic season of 2003/4 Sandra Chapman put aside her work as an astrophysicist to travel with the British Antarctic Survey as an artist. During the several months of her journey, on a research ship, on the base, and out in the field, she gathered impressions of this last frontier on earth.
These are her notes from the field.
--From an e-mail from Sandra Chapman
(1 October 2004)

NOTE: See for an earlier show of Sandra's at the Radcliffe Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


A new production of Ted Tally's Terra Nova by the BackStage Theatre Company is scheduled for for a run this fall at Chicago's Stage Left Theatre from 13 November to 18 December, 2004. The director is Brandon Bruce. The cast will be determined by mid-September.
--Thanks to Brandon Bruce.
(15 July 2004)

Scott - Michael Pacas
Amundsen - Sean Sullivan
Kathleen - Katherine Keberlein
Wilson - Stephen Dunn
Oates - Marcus Kamie
Bowers - Ronald Kuzava
Evans - Seth Zurer

Production Staff:
Director/Sound Designer: Brandon Bruce
Production Manager: Matt Roth
Stage Manager: Kyle Anderson
Set/Costume Designer: Nancy Freeman
Lighting Designer: Timothy "Dante" Goodheart
Props Designer: Julie Ballard
Dramaturg/Dialect Coach: Ronald Kuzava
(7 September 2004)


Judy Skelton (granddaughter of Reginald Skelton of the Discovery Expedition). Scott Polar Research Institute Public Lecture Series Michaelmas Term 2004. Saturday 13 November 2004 at 5 pm. The diaries of Reginald Skelton, the Chief Engineer and Official Photographer of Captain Scott's first Antarctic expedition aboard Discovery (1901-04), are held in the archives of the Scott Polar Research Insitutue. The majority of the photographs are in the picture collection. Judy Skelton has prepared these for publication and will described her grandfather's time with the expedition. He was a member of the western exploration party which first reached the polar plateau and discovered the high frozen interior of Antarctica. Illustrations include a selection of his photographs and other Discovery expedition images. Judy hopes to have copies of her book available at the lecture.

This lecture will be followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Institute and the Friends Autumn Buffet. Only members of the Friends should attend the AGM but all are welcome to purchase tickets in advance to attend the buffet.
--From a SPRI flyer
(29 September 2004)


The Society's fall meeting is to be held on Friday evening 12 November 2004 at 6 pm at Dulwich College. Following the AGM and supper, a lecture--"Father and Son across the Atlantic"-- will be given by Will Cross, our member who is an insulin diabetic and who led the expedition to the South Pole in November 2002. The expedition, called 'The Ultimate Trek to Cure Diabetes', was conceived to inspire young people afflicted with the disease not to limit their ambitions, and to raise money for diabetic research.
(2 April 2004)


There's a lot about to happen down in Texas. Karen Ronne Tupek, daughter of Finn Ronne, e-mailed recently to say that "there is a big shindig in Texas. It all started when the Boy Scout council executive in Beaumont started to do some research locally to see if there were any famous boy scouts from the area. He came across references to Art Owen, who went on the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition 1947-48. My father picked him from the local ranks to go along and he worked out real well. The scouts' inquiries to NSF (Guy Guthridge) led them to Mom and they got all excited about the whole story and that she was still alive. They turned it into a huge celebration in Texas, with a Reunion of the expedition members, a museum exhibit, a Boy Scout Day with projects related to the Antarctic and the expedition, focusing on Postal Stamps, which ties in very well since my dad was the first U.S. postmaster in the Antarctic. And the guy who owns this big museum got so excited, he decided he wanted to publish the book ['Antarctica's First Lady' by Jackie Ronne], so there will be an unveiling of the book and book signings, too. Two days of festivities and receptions are planned..."

Here's some information from the Three Rivers Council Boy Scouts of America website at

Special Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition Reunion - No Penguin Suits Required!

Thursday, November 11 (Veteran's Day), 2004

Beaumont: Gateway to the Antarctic? What started for the Boy Scouts as a simple search for information on Arthur Owen, a Beaumont Eagle Scout who was a member of the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition that departed from Beaumont, Texas, back in 1947, has evolved into an exciting and educational day of events scheduled for this Veteran's Day that you will not want to miss.

Highlighting the activities will be the opening of the Ronne Expedition Museum Exhibit at the Clifton Steamboat Museum Complex in Beaumont and the debut of her new book, "Antarctica's First Lady". Although Art Owen is no longer living, members of his family as well as Edith "Jackie" Ronne - wife of expedition leader Naval Commander Finn Ronne and the first woman in Antarctica - will be in attendance for a reunion of the expedition. At eighty-five years young, "Jackie" Ronne, who attributes her nickname to her Girl Scout days, is as lovely as she is entertaining and will share some of the vast knowledge gained from her 15 trips to the South Pole.

At the opening of the Ronne Museum Exhibit, Jackie Ronne's new book "Antarctica's First Lady" will make its national debut. Jackie Ronne will be available to autograph the first printing of her book. The book documents her 15 months wintering in the Antarctica and excerpts from her personal diary that describes daily life and their hardships. The book also contains many pictures from the expedition not previously released to the public.

For Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who have completed the requirements, the day will provide an opportunity to receive a special Art Owen / Ronne Antarctic Expedition Commemorative Medal. The medal brings to life a historical event, the last private expedition to the South Pole, that has received little attention in the 60 years following the journey. The expedition made notable discoveries, set Antarctic records, and covered more geographical area than any other expedition. In fact, Art Owen with two other expedition members set the record for sledging miles in one outing. Art Owen was honored by having a mountain in Antarctica named for him - Mt. Owen.

In another tie-in with Scouting, boys and girls signing up for scouting this fall have received special character cards from the scientific educational game Adventures of the Elements featuring Boy Scout and Ronne Expedition member Art Owen and Juliette Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts in America. Next year, Girl Scouts will receive a Jackie Ronne character card. The Adventures of the Elements educational trading card game teaches young people about science and chemistry in an entertaining and exciting way, increasing their interest in these subject areas (for more information visit Another unique aspect of the game is the use of real people as characters, providing real role models for youth. These characters help bring both history and the game to life.


A STAMP OF APPROVAL A special United States Postal Pictorial Cancellation has been approved to help commemorate this historic event. The Southeast Texas Stamp Club is providing hundreds of commemorative stamps featuring Girl Scouts, Antarctic Expeditions and the Boy Scouts to be used on caches at the event. In addition, special stamps have been designed to recognize the organizations that participated in assisting the original expedition in 1947. A special cache has been developed for each organization highlighting its historic role in the expedition. This has significance because Finn Ronne was the first postmaster appointed in the Antarctic. That Post Office was named "Oleana."

THE EXHIBIT Along with artifacts, papers, scientific journals, and photos, more than 10,000 feet of color movie film from the expedition has been provided to the museum. Much of the film has not been seen since it was taken in 1947-48. The film includes scenes from the Port of Beaumont and the ceremonies surrounding the event.


1. A reunion of members of the last private scientific expedition to Antarctica
2. The grand opening of the most comprehensive Ronne exhibit to date
3. National debut of Jackie Ronne's new book, "Antarctica's First Lady"
3. A remote Post Office with a one day only commemorative cancellation
4. A special ceremony by civic leaders honoring surviving expedition leaders
5. A Scouting ceremony where those earning special commemorative medals will be recognized

Members of the 1947 Ronne expedition, including Edith "Jackie" Ronne, wife of Expedition Leader Finn Ronne and the first woman in Antarctica, will return to Beaumont to be honored by and to honor numerous local organizations involved in assisting the expedition. Those organizations include:

Clifton Steamboat Museum Complex and Mr. David W. Hearn Jr.
Rotary Club of Beaumont, President Maureen Grey
Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, President Jim Rich
Port of Beaumont, Chris Fisher
Southeast Texas Stamp Club, Bill Windle
Young Mens Business League (YMBL), Past President Pat Anderson
Girl Scouts of America, CEO Mary Vitek and President Cora Ann Blytas
City of Beaumont, Mayor Evelyn Lord
Boy Scouts of America, Council President Hamil Cupero

A media reception is planned for Wednesday, November 10, at 2:00 p.m. Activities for the public will take place on Veteran's Day, Thursday, November 11. (See the attached schedule for specific times.)

The Clifton Steamboat Museum Complex, 8727 Fannett Road (Hwy 124), near Hwy. 364 (Major Dr), in Beaumont, Texas. To find the Museum, head west on IH-10 from Beaumont. Continue past Tinseltown (Walden Road), and take Exit #845 - FM-364. Turn left at the stop, cross over IH-10. Next stop at Fannett Road (Hwy. 124), take a right. The Museum is half a mile, on the left - across from a Rice Dryer.

To participate in a commemoration of a historical event that involved most of the leading civic organizations, and many private citizens, in Beaumont and Southeast Texas. Support the activity as an educational event for young people to understand the importance of volunteerism, civic duty, the Antarctic, and scientific research.

(31 October 2004)


Robert Headland (British Antarctic Survey). Scott Polar Research Institute Public Lecture Series Michaelmas Term 2004. Saturday 30 October 2004 at 8 pm. On 16 November 1904 Captain Carl Anton Larsen arrived in King Edward Cove, South Georgia, with a first fleet of Louise, Rolf, and Fortuna. There he found Grytviken, the first Antarctic whaling station, and from that date the island has been permanently occupied. It became, in Shackleton's words, 'the gateway to Antarctica'. Bob Headland will review the century during which whalers and sealers, meterorologists and other scientiests, expeditions, surveyors, administrators and the armed services have been on the island. The lecture is arranged jointly with the South Georgia Association.
--From a SPRI flyer
(29 September 2004)


Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand in Wellington, will mount an Antarctic exhibit 28 May-26 October 2004. Included will be a substantial number of objects from the National Maritime Museum, and the exhibition narrative will closely mirror the exhibition held at Greenwich, focusing on Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.
--Thanks to Rachel Morgen, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(5 March 2004)

Antarctic Heroes Exhibition

An exhibition entitled "Antarctic Heroes--The Race to the South Pole" is scheduled to open in the Tower Gellery at Te Papa (The Museum of New Zealand) on 29 May and runs through 26 October 2004.

The exhibition will focus on the 'Heroic Age' of Antarctic exploration, the human experiences and the cultural and political agendas behind the expeditions, and on three great "heroes' -- Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton.

The exhibition is based on the very successful 'South -- the Race to the Pole' exhibition developed by the National Maritime Museum in London. The stories of the following expeditions will be presented:

• The British 'Discovery' expedition of 1901-03, led by Scott and in which Shackleton took part;
• Shackleton's 'Nimrod' Expedition of 1907-09, and his near-success in being first to the Pole;
• The near-simultaneous Scott and Amundsen expeditions of 1911-12 with their parallel stories of success and tragic failure; and
• Shackleton's attempt of 1914-16, to be the first to cross the Antarctic continent will also feature. This expedition, known to history as the 'Endurance' expedition, failed to achieve its objective but is remembered for the astonishing survival story which followed the crushing of "Endurance" in ice.
On display will be the 'James Caird', the boat in which Shackleton, his navigator, New Zealand-born Frank Worsley, and four others made what has been called 'the greatest small-boat voyage ever', sailing 800 miles through some of the most vicious seas in the world from Elephant Island to South Georgia to seek rescue for their marooned crewmates. The 'James Caird', on loan from Shackleton's old school, Dulwich College in London, will be the exhibition's major attraction.

Other artefacts, associated with British and Norwegian expeditions will be featured, and the exhibition will also make extensive use of photographs, audio (reminiscences of participants), and film to give visitors as comprehensive an impression as possible of the experiences of the early explorers of the hostile Antarctic environment.Te Papa is open 10am -6pm everyday and until 9pm on Thursdays. More information can be found at

--From the Antarctic, the Journal of the New Zealand Antarctic Society, vol 22, no 1, 2004.
(3 July 2004)


22-25 October 2004 at the Athy Heritage Centre, Athy, Kildare, Ireland. For more information contact Margaret Walsh at 00-353-(0)59-8633075. Web:
--From Polar Bytes, No. 33
(29 September 2004)

There will be a range of lecturers on Saturday and Sunday including:

Seamus McCann on "Antarctic Wildlife"
Dr. J.Mc Adam on "Shackleton's Link with the Falklands"
Dr. Aidan O'Sullivan on "Inuit, Irish & Norse"
Kevin Kenny on "What it said in the Papers"
Brendan Mc Williams, Irish Times Columnist, on "Antarctic Weather"
Dr. Bob Headland curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute on "Shackletoniana";

Saturday 23rd October and Sunday 24th October
9.00pm Athy Heritage Centre
"A Horse's Breath on a Winters Road" will be performed.
It portrays the history of emigration from Ireland as recorded in song and words.

Sunday 24th October
2.30pm Athy Heritage Centre
The screening of 90'South, a spellbinding chronicle of Captain R. Scott's heroic and tragic race for the South Pole.

Monday 25th October
A Field trip to 'Shackleton Country' including Castledermot, Ballitore, and Kilkea, led by John Mackenna
In the afternoon take a Boat Trip on 'Saoirse ar an Uisce' down the river Barrow.

Daily Activities
Exhibition of unseen photography from the Museum's collection recently acquired by the Athy Heritage Centre from Christie's Auction House

Appearance of the "Antarctic Adventurers" recreating the classic period of Antarctic exploration complete with sledge, tent sleeping bags and all the necessary equipment.

Daily boat trip down the canal.

Children's Workshop and Street Theatre on the Polar theme.

Ernest Shackleton Autumn School Athy Heritage Centre
The school will highlight the fact that Athy Heritage Centre has the only permanent exhibition devoted to Sir Ernest Shackleton, which includes an original sledge and harness from his Antarctic expedition, a 15ft model of Shackleton's ship ‘Endurance' and an exhibition of unique photographs and correspondence, also an audiovisual display featuring Frank Hurley's original film footage of the Endurance expedition.

ON SALE: limited edition Posters, Post Cards and the Video 90' South

For Information and bookings contact:
Athy Heritage Centre, and Tourist Information Office,
Town Hall, Emily Square, Athy, Co. Kildare.
Tel: 059-8633075

--From the Centre's website
(29 September 2004)


David Walton (British Antarctic Survey). Scott Polar Research Institute Public Lecture Series Michaelmas Term 2004. Saturday 16 October 2004 at 8 pm. David Walton visited the stations maintained in the Terres Australes et Antartctiques Françaises on the peri-Antarctic islands in the southern Indian Ocean (Iles Crozet, Iles Kerguelen, and Ile Amsterdam) aboard the French supply vessel Marion Dufresne. He will give an account of the stations, research, and logistics of the French equivalent of the British Antarctic Survey. The islands are rarely visited by persons not working for TAAF and have a combination of magnificent scenery, fascinating biology, and intriguing history.
--From a SPRI flyer
(29 September 2004)


Saturday 18 September 2004. A major centenary dinner in London to celebrate the return of the 'Discovery' expedition will be held as a fundraiser for RRS 'Discovery'.
--Thanks to Rachel Morgen, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(5 March 2004)

2004 marks the centenary of the return of Discovery to Britain after the successful British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901-04 led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, the first major expedition of the Heroic Age of Exploration.
The dinner will commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Discovery's safe return in September 1904. It is also hoped the event will raise substantial funds for the ship's ongoing care and restoration.
The venue is the prestigious surroundings of The Great Room at Christie's in King Street, London. Christie's are kindly providing the venue free of charge for which we are very grateful. After the drinks reception and dinner there will be a celebrity after-dinner speaker plus a high-class auction. More details to follow.
If you are interesting in helping to sponsor the event or would like to donate an auction lot then please contact Gill Poulter, Heritage & Exhibitions Director. E-mail:
--From the Discovery Point website []

"As you will be aware Dundee Heritage Trust is holding a dinner in London on 18th September to celebrate and commemorate the centenary of Discovery's return to Britain in 1904. It is also hoped the dinner will raise funds for the ship's ongoing care and restoration.
...The dinner will be quite exclusive, a maximum of 200 guests and tickets will be in the region of £200 a head. We will also be holding a high-class auction on the night..."
--From Gill Poulter, Heritage & Exhibitions Director, Dundee Heritage Trust.
(20 April 2004)

UPDATE: The invitations are out. It's being held in The Great Room, Christie's, King Street, London SW1 on Saturday 18 September at 7 pm. Ticket price: £175 inclusive of drinks. Dress: Black tie. There will be a private view of The Polar Sale and the Exploration and Travel sale (22-23 September). "Proceeds from the evening and from a special auction after the dinner will go towards the ongoing care and restoration of RRS Discovery--now docked in her home port of Dundee." Further information: Tel 01382 225282; e-mail
(3 July 2004)

UPDATE: I attended this very nicely done affair in The Great Room of Christie's. Sixty or so guests in attendance including Juliet and Jeffrey Evans, Alexandra Shackleton, Judy Skelton and David Wilson, (all descendants of Discovery expedition members); Wendy Driver, Philippa Foster Back, Trevor Cornford, Pauline Young; and Nick Lambourn, Tom Lamb, Andrew McVinish and Lauren Kantor, all of Christie's. Let's hope some money was raised for the Dundee Heritage Trust. To see some photos of the event click here.
--R. Stephenson
(29 September 2004)


Australian artist Lisa Roberts has two shows on at the moment, both produced after a residency with the Australian Antarctic Division.

Mura Clay Gallery, Sydney (Tel: 02 9550 4433; e-mail: Ongoing. And...

s.p.a.c.e. gallery, Launceston (Tel: 0417 385 407; e-mail: Until 19 July 2004.

"Lisa travelled to Antarctica on the RSV Aurora Australis in February 2002, visiting Davis and Mawson stations. She kept a journal 'gathering material with which to convey something of the experience', which has become a wellspring for the production of drawings, paintings, photographs, an animated interactive CDROM and other more eclectic works.

"I scribble lines to describe the whitecaps of the stormy sea: watery calligraphy...pools of ink and water on paper mark our motion through the storm...the first night sky of winter is scanned, searching spectrums beyond our atmosphere and perception."

(3 July 2004)


Running from 24 February to 1 August, 2004, at the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, UK [Tel: 020 7942 5000. Web:] Admission free. (See below for a later venue.)

Just over a year ago, artist John Kelly went South with the British Antarctic Survey as part of the 'Artists' and Writers' Programme'. The theme of Kelly's work is the vast scale of the Antarctic landscape and the sense of loneliness it represents. It's a feeling that's hard to create in a London gallery but somehow he manages it, through a combination of sounds recorded on the trip, sketches and sculptures. He even made a replica of a polar hut they visited along the way.
--Thanks to Rachel Morgen, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(27 February 2004)

UPDATE: An e-mail recently received from John Kelly's publisher notes that Due South moves from the Natural History Museum to the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum for a run from 23 January through 6 March 2005. For a press release on the accompanying book, please have a look at elsewhere on this site.
--R. Stephenson
(3 March 2004)


Scotia Centenary celebrations continue with a schools programme and competition organised by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. On 23-24 July 2004 community events at Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae will mark the centenary of the return of the SY Scotia to Scotland in July 1904. Further details on
--Thanks to Rachel Morgen, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(5 March 2004)


An International Symposium at the Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton UK, 28-30 June 2004.

The Venue: The Southampton Oceanography Centre is one of the world's leading centres for research and education in marine science. Part of our heritage can be traced back to the "Discovery Investigations" that began in the 1920's. The present RRS Discovery, operated on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council by the Research Ship Unit, is based at the Centre.

Monday 28 June 1700-2000

• Registration and reception.
Tuesday 29th June
• 0830 Registration.
• Welcome by Professor Howard Roe, Director, Southampton Oceanography Centre
• A Century of Antarctic Science: Planning and Serendipity. Professor G E (Tony) Fogg FRS
• Discovery's Past: Baffin to BANZARE. Dr. Ann Savours (Mrs. Shirley)
• Discovery Investigations: A clash of science, economics, diplomacy and politics. Mrs Ros Marsden
• Discovery at Sea: Ships as Research Platforms. Dr A L (Tony) Rice
• Terra Antarctica: A history of cognition and landscape. Bill Fox
• Informating Discovery: Bibliographic support for Antarctic Science. William Mills
• From Natural History to Biodiversity. Professor Phillip Rainbow.
• Symposium Cruise on the Solent.
Wednesday 30 June
• 0830 Registration.
• Glaciology. Dr Dick Cameron and Dr David Vaughan.
• Southern Ocean Circulation. Professor Eric Mills and Dr Stuart Cunningham.
• Plate Tectonics. Dr Alan Vaughan and Dr Michael Thomson.
• Southern Ocean Pelagic Ecosystems. Dr Martin Angel and Dr Inigo Everson.
• Antarctic Meteorology and Climatology. Mr J Malcolm Walker and Dr John Turner.
• The Magnetic South Pole. Dr Anita McConnell and Dr Alan Rodger.
• The Past and the Future. Professor David Walton.
Registration: The cost for the Symposium is £150 for the two days, which includes refreshments and meals as listed in the registration form. Registration deadline is 28 May 2004. As we are limited in the number of delegates, an early application is advised.

Exhibition: An exhibition is being staged at the Southampton Oceanography Centre to complement the theme of the Symposium. The display will include: A detailed model of the SY Discovery (courtesy of the Royal Geographical Society). Documents providing insights into the life of the crew and scientists. Examples of the scientific outputs, on paper, and as biological and physical samples. Watercolours from the Discovery era by Sir Alister Hardy. Artefacts and scientific instruments Book displays, a bibliography and modern use of e-resources. We have also invited a bookseller specialising in environmental science to attend.

Further Information can be found at

(24 January 2004)


The first public meeting of the SGA will be held in Edinburgh on Saturday, 19 June 2004. A light lunch at the Royal Overseas League, 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh, has been scheduled for 12:30 after which there will be a number of brief talks on recent expeditions to South Georgia. The meeting is open to all. The cost of the lunch and wine is £15. Those wishing to attend should contact The Hon Secretary of the SGA, Mrs Fran Prince, at 01954 719485, e-mail
(2 April 2004)


Numerous events have been organised between 19-27 June 2004 to celebrate the centenary of the return of the 'Discovery' Expedition to the UK in 1904: Regatta/boat races on the Tay, an open-air concert by the Scottish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in City Square, a Ladies Dinner and a half marathon.
--Thanks to Rachel Morgen, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(5 March 2004)

Dundee Heritage Trust, in association with Trigger Events Ltd, propose to hold an exciting programme of events which will take place over this 9 day festival in June - Discovery Week. It is hoped to get the whole community involved in Discovery Week with a Dress Down Day for schools, pub quiz, bingo night, various dinners, Regatta on the Tay, half Marathon and numerous other fund raising events. The profile of Discovery Week will be raised early 2004 and confirmation of events will be available soon through our website and the local press.
--From the Discovery Point website []


The national memorial to Captain Scott and the polar party will be re-dedicated on 6 June 2004 at 2:30 pm. Situated on Mount Wise in Devonport, Plymouth, the monumental bronze and stone tribute to the five who perished on the return from the Pole was recently refurbished. More information from Colin Walker, Plymouth Council, Tel: 01752 307025,
--Thanks to Rachel Morgen, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(5 March 2004)

UPDATE: The date--6 June--is Scott's birthday. The event " being organised by Plymouth City Council...The Captain Scott Society, The Royal Navy and local dignatories will be involved. It will be a public event and anyone is welcome to attend. This would also give visitors an opportunity to view other Scott related sites in Plymouth, for example the site of his birthplace "Outlands" and St Marks Church where Scott was a choir boy."
--Thanks to Paul Davies
(7 March 2004)
UPDATE: Paul Davies was at the ceremony and sends along a
photo. Among those shown (mostly members of The Captain Scott Society): David Wilson and David Yelverton (second and third from the left), Basil Watkins (behind the Captain of RN ship HMS Scott), Mike Tarver (second from right) and Julian Salisbury (kneeling with Captain).
Paul reports: "The date was chosen as, of course, it is Scott's birthday. The event was organised by Plymouth City Council with some advice from members of the Cardiff based Capt Scott Society and me. It was arranged to celebrate the refurbishment of the memorial and the park with funds from English Heritage. The event consisted of music from a pipe band, wreath laying, a rededication from the vicar of the St Bartholemew's Church (which now stands on part of the Outlands site where Scott was born), and short presentations from the Captain of RN ship HMS Scott, Mike Tarver of the Capt Scott Society and me (local polar enthusiast). Of particular interest was that the event was attended by a number of descendents of the men of the Terra Nova and Discovery namely Royds, Wilson, Skelton, Simpson and Parsons. David Yelverton and Bob Headland were also there, as well as 12 members of the Capt Scott Society. There was some very good local press coverage."
(12 August 2004)


The Society's spring meeting is to be held at Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, on Friday evening 14 May 2004 commencing at 5:45 pm. Bob Headland, Archivist at SPRI, will be the speaker. His talk is entitled: "Shackletoniana--The Fulfilment of the Explorer's Wishes." The venue has been chosen to coincide with a Shackleton exhibit at SPRI. Tickets are £35. A dinner at the University Centre's 'First South' Room will follow the talk. For more information, contact The Hon. Secretary, The James Caird Society, School Farm, Benenden, Kent TN17 4EU. This event celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Society.
(2 April 2004)


An evening celebrating the incredible achievements of Antarctic Explorer Tom Crean and to launch a new expedition in his memory. Thursday 6 May 2004 at 7.00 pm at The Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London. Doors and bar open at 6.00 pm. All welcome. Tickets £10.00. By post from the expedition office 64 Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BA. Please make cheques payable to S. Jones and enclose a SAE. Or phone to reserve tickets: Anthony Crean on 01789 415163 or Steve Jones on 07890 195717.

Anthony Crean
Leader of the 2004 expedition that will complete the Crean family journey to the South Pole from the point where in 1912 Tom Crean was one of the last 3 people to see Captain Scott and his companions alive. Anthony describes the expedition's plan.
Michael Smith
Author of the biography An Unsung Hero, the Remarkable Story of Tom Crean Antarctic Explorer. Michael describes Crean's contribution to Captain Scott's Discovery and Terra Nova expeditions and Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition.
Steve Jones
Nothing ever goes wrong on expedition! Highlights and adventures from some of Steve's 25 previous expeditions including crossing Greenland, mountaineering, skiing to the North Pole and leading expeditions for Raleigh International.
--Thanks to Wendy Driver
(9 April 2004)


Artist Sandra Chapman will have a show from March 18 through April 9, 2004, at the Maurine and Robert Rothschild Gallery, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, 34 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138. Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5. The opening and a talk by the artist are scheduled for Thursday, March 18 at 4 pm in the Colloquium Room. For more information call 617-495-8136.
Also the following:
and particularly
which shows many of her pastels, watercolors and acrylic paintings.
(13 February 2004)


All events are at 8.00 p.m. in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge. They are open to all who are interested, and seats will be reserved, on request, for Friends of the Institute.

Antarctic Science, Global Relevance
Saturday, 24 January 2004
Dr Anna Jones, British Antarctic Survey
The speaker will provide a brief overview of some of the major topics in environmental science, and show how study in Antarctica is key to their full and proper understanding. She will review the evolution of Antarctica itself over geological time, and then touch on issues of stratospheric ozone loss, climate change, space physics, and genomics. This lecture was first delivered as the keynote address to the 26th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Madrid, June 2003.

Northwest Passage: Its History, Attainment, and Present Circumstances
Saturday, 7 February 2004
Robert Headland, Scott Polar Research Institute
In 1853, the first transit of the Northwest Passage was completed, although over the ice in the central section. The geography and history of exploration will be considered with an account of the first transit aboard one vessel (Roald Amundsen with Gjøa). The current circumstances, now over 100 vessels have used it and passengers regularly make transits, bring the account up to date.

Antarctic Mountains and Mountaineering
Saturday, 21 February 2004
Damien Gildea
The speaker compiled the Antarctic mountaineering chronology (1998), the definitive listing of all major ascents on the continent and islands. He has himself undertaken several visits to Antarctica, first as a South Pole expedition guide, more recently to climb and measure peaks of uncertain altitude. His account will include much on contemporary non-government activities in Antarctica, including both tourism and science.

The Last Husky Dog Journey in the Antarctic - Reflections
Saturday, 6 March 2004
John Killingbeck, formerly British Antarctic Survey
Dogs have been living on continental Antarctica since man first wintered in 1899, but under the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty they were termed a non-indigenous species and therefore had to leave the 'Great White South' by 1 April 1994. This is the story of their final journey and is a tribute to the loyalty, courage and companionship of generations of dogs.

(18 December 2003)


To be held at The Hayletts Gallery, Maldon, Essex, UK. Saturday 17th January to Friday 23rd January 2004. 10.00 am to 5.00 pm every day. (The Hayletts Gallery is at the top end of the High Street in Maldon, opposite the police station.) Signed photographs of different sizes will be on sale framed or unframed.

On Saturday and Sunday light refreshments will be available. RSVP to Roger if coming on either of these days. E-mail:

Exhibition sponsored by Quark Expeditions (UK) Ltd.

--Thanks to Rachel Morgan, Administrator of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(27 November 2003)


Three of the five lectures in the SPRI Michaelmas Term series are Antarctic related:

Saturday, 18 October 2003. Forty Years in the Transantarctic Mountains
Charles Swithinbank, Scott Polar Research Institute.
Eight mighty glaciers flow through the mountains to feed the Ross Ice Shelf. Charles will describe his work in this area from 1950, when he first camped on the Beardmore Glacier, to the day forty years on when he put ice from one of the glaciers into his whisky glass.

Saturday, 1 November 2003. Bound for Antarctica: Reading on the Discovery 1901-1904
Bill Bell, University of Edinburgh.
When the Discovery set sail for Antarctica in July 1901, she carried on board a library of over 1100 volumes. What did the members of the British Antarctic Expedition read during their three years sojourn? How did they use the books? Referring to documents from the SPRI archives, this lecture will attempt to answer these and other questions relating to this remarkable floating library.

Saturday, 15 November 2003. S.S. Terra Nova: Whaler, Sealer and Polar Exploration Ship
Mike Tarver, Captain Scott Society.
Best known for her role on Robert Scott's second Antarctic expedition, 1910-13, Terra Nova's interesting history from her launch in 1884 to loss in 1943, encompasses whaling, sealing and relief voyages to both polar regions.
PLEASE NOTE: The lecture will be followed by the AGM of the Friends of the Institute and a buffet. All are welcome to the lecture but Friends only should attend the AGM and buffet.

With the exception of the lecture on 15 November which will be held at 5.00 p.m., all lectures are at 8.00 p.m. in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge. They are open to all who are interested, and seats will be reserved, on request, for "Friends of the Institute".

--Thanks to William Mills
(22 June 2003)


The Society's autumn members' evening, AGM and lecture were held at Dulwich College on 11 November 2003. The speaker was Dr. Jan Piggott; his title 'What Happened on Elephant Island.'

A slide lecture about Shackleton's men marooned on Elephant Island at the end of the 'Endurance' expedition and their experiences based on published accounts and some diaries and celebrating the leadership of Frank Wild.

Dr Piggott FSA is Keeper of the Archives at Dulwich College where he taught for thirty years, including ten years as Head of English. He studied English at Oxford. Before joining the staff at Dulwich he taught at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur and at the University of California at Davis where he was awarded a Ph.D. for a thesis on the poems of W B Yeats. In October 2000 he organised the exhibition 'Shackleton, The Antarctic and Endurance' at Dulwich College, and more recently he founded and edited 'The James Caird Society Journal'. He has published books on J M W Turner and on P G Wodehouse. His exhibition 'The Crystal Palace at Sydenham' will open in February 2004 at Dulwich Picture Gallery.
--R. Stephenson
(11 November 2003)


The third in these events is due to happen in Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland, 24-26 October 2003. No precise program yet although "it will include lectures, arts and musical events celebrating the life and work of Shackleton." The Athy Heritage Centre, which organizes these, can be found at Have a look at for last year's program.
More as it develops.
--R. Stephenson
(28 May 2003)

UPDATE: There are still no details on the Heritage Centre's website but Michael Smith has kindly e-mailed some information:

Speakers include: Ann Savours, Frank Nugent, Jonathan Shackleton, Michael Smith, Sara Wheeler, Vincent Sheridan (Artist), Luke McKernon (film historian), Myles Dungan (broadcaster and author). Also open forum chaired by Bob Headland of SPRI
Lectures at Town Hall, Athy.
Evening Dramas: Tom Crean/Endurance Aidan Dooley
The Woman at the Window by John MacKenna
Frank Hurley's documentary film, Endurance
Field Trips to "Shackleton Country" and Guided Barge Tour of Athy's waterways.
(3 September 2003)

UPDATE: I recently received the colorful and glossy brochure for the event. Below are some of the details. The program is now on the Centre's website at

Friday 24th October 7pm. Official Opening, Athy Heritage Centre. Followed by a talk by artist Vincent Sheridan on his exhibition of prints Arctic Enigma

Saturday 25th October
Lecture Series
Athy Heritage Centre

10.00am "Irish Arctic Exploration" Frank Nugent, Mountaineer and Explorer. Admission E6
11.30am "The Story of Captain Oates' Antarctic Tragedy: From the Curragh to the South Pole" Michael Smith, Author. Admission E6
2.30pm "The Other Shackleton: The Big Brother and the Crown Jewels Affair" Myles Dungan, Broadcaster and Author. Admission E6
4.00pm "The Life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard" Sara Wheeler, Author. Admission E6
5.00pm Open Forum chaired by Dr. Bob Headland, Curator Scott Polar Research Institute.
3.00pm Children's Drama Workshop and Performance. Scoil Mhicil Naofa, Athy. Fairbank Productions and Play on Words present The Life of Tom Crean. A specially adapted performance and workshop for children by Aidan Dooley.

9.00pm Athy Community Library. Meeting Lane Theatre Company present The Woman at the Window. Admission E8

Sunday 26th October
Lecture Series
Athy Heritage Centre

11.00am "A History of Scott's Ship Discovery" Ann Savours, Polar Historian Admission E6
12.00am "The importance of being Ernest in a changing antarctica: An illustrated review of places that Shackleton visited" Jonathan Shackleton, Antarctic Specialist. Admission E6

Athy Heritage Centre

2.30pm South (80 Mins) - Frank Hurley's contemporary documentary film of Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition to Antarctica. Restored by the National Film and Television Archive of the British Film Institute, South is one of the most remarkable exploration films ever made. Introduced by Luke McKernan - Film Historian, Head of Information at the British Film and Video Council. Admission E6

Athy Community Library

12.00am Fairbank Productions and Play on Words present Endurance Direct from the New York International Fringe Festival, Aidan Dooley returns to Athy after a rapturous reception at last year's Autumn School for his dramatisation of the life of Tom Crean. This year's contribution, Endurance, a dramatisation of Shackleton's epic expedition is written and performed by Irish actor Aidan Dooley who has appeared on stages across the US, Britain and Ireland. Admission E8.

Monday 27th October
Field Trips

10.00am Field Trip to 'Shackleton Country' including Castledermot and Kilkea led by Eamon Kane, Local Historian. Assemble at the Courthouse, Athy - Tickets E5
2.30pm Guided barge tour of Athy's waterways led by Frank Taaffe, Local Historian.

Athy Heritage Centre

Ernest Shackleton Exhibition. 10.00am to 5.30pm

Arctic Enigma Exhibition of prints by Vincent Sheridan. 10.00am to 5.30pm

--R. Stephenson
(23 September 2003)

UPDATE: I attended the event in Athy and it was an enjoyable time. There was rain before and after but from Friday night through Monday afternoon we were lucky to have fine weather. All the receptions, talks and performances were well attended with upwards of 100 participants including many local residents. Other than the speakers (see above) Antarcticans present included a slew of Shackletons (Arthur, his son Robin, John, Helen and Tom, Noel, Aunt Mary and, of course, the Hon Alexandra); the always enthusiastic Joe O'Farrell; Antarctic re-enactors Mick Parker and John Reid (visit their website at; Rosemary Rudd; and lots of others.
--R. Stephenson
(12 November 2003)


The American Polar Society's 2003 Symposium will be beld Thursday and Friday, 9-10 October 2003, at the Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. The registration fee--which includes a reception on the 8th, a banquet on the 9th, and lunches on Thursday and Friday--is $125.

Here is some information from the Symposium's website []:

Welcoming Reception & Banquet
A welcoming reception will be held at the Holiday Inn on the Lane (328 West Lane Avenue) Wednesday evening, October 8, 2003 at 6pm. All participants are invited to attend this get-together. The banquet will be on Thursday evening, October 9th 2003 at the Holiday Inn on the Lane. There will also be a book-signing event during the symposium. Books will be available for purchase on site.

Thursday October 9, 2003
Morning Session: 8:30 - 12:30
The Human Element: A Woman's Touch
Following introductory remarks from the Society's outgoing President, Dr. Gisela Dreschhoff, the day begins with a broad look at the unique qualities women bring to the polar communities in which they live, work, and explore. Ms. Gretel Ehrlich, the Symposium's keynote speaker, is an acclaimed natural history author and journalist whose fascination with islands led her to Greenland, where she lived and traveled for more than a decade, and was inspired to write This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland, a book about the Inuit people and the harsh environment in which they thrive. Ms. Ehrlich's presentation, "The Future of Ice," will touch on many Symposium themes including natural and native history, exploration, and the implications of climate change in high northern latitudes. Shifting to the Southern Hemisphere, Dr. Colin Bull, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University, will share his perspective on how the first women scientists came to work in Antarctica. Through his considerable efforts, the first all-woman field party gained entry to the formerly males-only club of research elite. Forty years later, the presence of women on "the ice" is almost commonplace, with women now comprising over 30 percent of the population at McMurdo Station during the austral summer. Picking up on this trend, Dr. Nancy Chin, an Antarctic anthropologist, discusses cultural emergence in Antarctica and the roles women play in life and work on the seventh continent. This session concludes with a panel discussion on the implications of cultural change taking place in both Polar Regions.

Thursday October 9, 2003
Afternoon Session: 1:30 - 5:00
Pioneers in Polar Research
The day's second session focuses on women researchers in the Polar Regions. The keynote speaker for this session, Dr. Peter Wilkniss, former Director of NSF's Polar Programs, played a pivotal role in bringing women investigators into the mainstream of the polar scientific community. Dr. Wilkniss will share his insights on the merits of women scientists as principal investigators of polar research grants and as field team leaders in some of the most remote parts of the world. An excellent example of one of these women is Ohio State's own Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson, who will give her perspective on more than two decades of leading ice coring programs on the polar plateau of Antarctica and on the Greenland Ice Sheet. This session will also feature Dr. Rita Horner, another woman scientist who worked primarily in the Arctic during the early years. Dr. Horner will share what it was like to be a "woman first" at the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory in Barrow, Alaska, conduct research from Ice Island T-3, and be a Chief Scientist aboard a Coast Guard icebreaker in the Arctic. To wrap up this session, one of the "new explorers," Dr. Nelia Dunbar, a volcanologist, will talk about her experience accumulated during 16 years of field work in some of Antarctica's most inhospitable locations. Her summer vacations camping in remote parts of the world (Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania), while her father was in the Foreign Service, prepared her well for later adventures living and working on the Antarctic continent.

Friday October 10, 2003
Morning Session: 8:30 - 12:30
The New Explorers
This session celebrates women explorers, focusing on early and notable path-breakers who have traversed the Polar Regions on skis, in small planes, and in boats. As we will learn from Ms. Sheila Nickerson, the participation of women in polar exploration is not a recent advent. Ms. Nickerson, former poet laureate of Alaska and award-winning author, will recount the story of Tookoolito, an Inuit woman who is often referred to as the "Sacagawea of the Ice" for her role in guiding the doomed Polaris Expedition to survival. This session will also feature the fascinating adventures of Mrs. Evelyn Stefansson Nef, widow and research assistant of famed arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson. Mrs. Nef's own noteworthy accomplishments as author, psychotherapist and philanthropist add immeasurably to her account. Then, from skis in the North to skies in the South, the session takes off with presentations by two pioneers in polar aviation. Cmdr. Mary Crawford (Ret.), the Navy's first woman Naval Flight Officer and Antarctic LC-130 aviator, will chronicle the "flying firsts" of her distinguished 28 years of active duty. Ms. Anne Kershaw, a modern-day polar aviation expert and president of Adventure Network International (ANI), one of the largest suppliers of air services in Antarctica, will talk about the emergence of ANI and the growth of exploration in the remote quarters of Antarctica. For her many achievements Ms. Kershaw has received special recognition from the Queen of England and from leaders of polar programs in many countries. Also featured in this session will be Dr. John Behrendt. His six decades of polar research and interest in history led to his first book, Innocents on the Ice: A Memoir of Antarctic Exploration 1957. Dr. Behrendt will provide insights and stories that only a long and distinguished career can impart.

Friday October 10, 2003
Afternoon Session: 1:30 - 4:30
Looking to the Future
The fourth and final session of the Symposium will demonstrate that the future depends on the past and on our ability to build on what we have. The preservation of cultural heritage and the stewardship of natural resources gives today's explorers and researchers tools to move into the future. We will hear from tribal elders of the High North on the importance of preserving native languages and subsistence traditions. We will also hear from conservationists who give voice to the passions of many concerning the importance of preserving fragile polar ecosystems; and we will hear from distinguished scientists about coming trends in polar research. This session concludes with a series of images that will capture not only the key themes of the Symposium, but will also leave participants with a lasting impression of the beauty and importance of Polar Regions.

For further information, contact Lynn Everett (, Laura Kissel ( or Lynn Lay (

--R. Stephenson
(3 July 2003)


Rik van Glintenkamp e-mails that his show Echoes in the Ice continues on the road. "Echoes in the Ice will be shown at The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, 113 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, CA Tel: 805 962-8404. The show will open on September 18th. In addition to Antarctic explorers, collages of historic navigators, artists and scientists who influenced Antarctic exploration will also be shown. I will present an illustrated lecture, about the explorers and the collages, on October 23rd at 7 PM. The exhibition will terminate sometime in January."

He continues: "Concurrently, Echoes in the Ice will open on October 4th at the San Diego Maritime Museum, 1306 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA, Tel: 619 243-9153. It will be seen on the historic tall ship The Star of India, which is part of the museum complex moored in San Diego harbor. The ship is a fitting venue since it is from a period in history when much of the exploration of the Antarctic took place. The collages shown at San Diego are not the same as those shown at Santa Barbara. I will present an illustrated lecture at the Museum's Members and Founders meeting on November 12th. The exhibition will terminate at the end of January.

I will also attend Graph Expo in Chicago from September 28th though October 1st. Graph Expo is held once a year and is the largest graphic arts convention in the Western Hemisphere. I will appear as a guest of Xerox Corporation. At that time, Xerox will publish a book of my Antarctic collages titled Echoes in the Ice, as well as issuing four commemorative posters printed from various pages in the book. I will speak about the relationship between Echoes in the Ice and Xerox technology, as well as autographing books and posters."
(22 September 2003)


A series of on-going events celebrating the centenary of Sydney's Mitchell Library. Go to to learn more (from which the below was taken):

A Program of Events

In 2010 the Mitchell Library at the State Library of New South Wales will be celebrating its centenary. Antarctic Collections 2002 is the second part of a ten-year program highlighting significant aspects of the Library's collections.

The Library has been collecting Antarctic materials since its first days in the 19th century. The wonderful donations of materials from David Scott Mitchell and Sir William Dixson increased the stocks of Antarctic material immeasurably and the collection grows with regular purchases and donations. These Antarctic materials - including books, manuscripts, maps and thousands of images - represent a significant and informative body of information about the discovery, exploration and tentative settlement of the vast white continent.

During 2002, the Library will celebrate its Antarctic collections with activities, events and films.

* Lines on the Ice: The Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, will run from 8 July to 27 October in the Library's Galleries. This exhibition uses original images, maps and manuscripts to reveal the human side of Douglas Mawson's landmark, 'Heroic Age' expedition.

* Antarctica 2002 events include A Century of Antarctic Films, a series of films shown throughout the year that retell 20th century stories of people in Antarctica as well as a range of talks and panel discussions which cover diverse topics from 'Adventure and the Human Spirit' and 'Flight Night', a talk on the history of flight in Antarctica.

* The Library's Antarctica Collections will also receive attention as we continue to acquire, preserve and digitise significant Antarctic items. View recently digitised material from the Antarctic collections.

Further information
If you would like to be involved in the Library's preservation and digitisation initiatives, please contact the State Library of New South Wales Foundation on (02) 9273 1529 or email
Details of all activities, events and films appear in the Library's quarterly What's On booklet. To be placed on the What's On mailing list, please telephone (02) 9273 1414 or email
For an illustrated account of the Library's Antarctic holdings, see 'Southern Reflections: Antarctic Stories', in Celebrating 100 Years of the Mitchell Library, available from the Library Shop for $59.95.

--Thanks to Gordon Bain.
(25 August 2002)


Details of an upcoming conference on The Future of South Georgia: a Programme for the next 10 Years, organized by The South Georgia Association, appear below and may also be found on the Association's website:

Date: 18-20 September 2003.
Place: Cambridge, U.K.

This three-day event will bring together people who are interested in discussing sustainable and environmentally-sound development of this very special island. A programme of presentations and discussions is being prepared and a second notice will be published in late summer.

Presentations have been invited from:
Professor Bjørn Basberg, Professor John Croxall, Robert Headland, Denise Landau, Sally Poncet, Dr John Shears, Professor David Walton.

Outline of the proposed Programme

Day 1 Session 1: Environmental research and management. The South Georgia management plan; the role of science in understanding environmental problems and expediting their treatment. Session 2: Marine resource management. The exploitation of marine resources in South Georgia waters and the establishment of a sustainable regime.

Day 2 Session 3: Heritage and Information. The archaeology, significance and preservation of the whaling stations and other historic sites. The dissemination of information on South Georgia. Session 4: Visitors (cruise ships and expeditions). South Georgia as a destination. Monitoring and minimising the impact of visitors. Session 5: Governance and Finance. Legislation and finance of South Georgia in the 21st century. International obligations and relations.

Day 3 Workshops.

Submissions of poster papers will be welcomed.

To record your interest and receive further information, write to
The Secretary, The South Georgia Association
Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road,
Cambridge CB1 2ER United Kingdom

(19 April 2003)

UPDATE: Additional information:

Cambridge, U.K. 18-20 September 2003
An International Conference Organised by The South Georgia Association
Supported by:
Government of South Georgia
Overseas Territories Department, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Biodiversity Team, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
British Antarctic Survey

The theme of the conference is the management of South Georgia's natural resources and the preservation of its historical heritage. The objective is to recommend management policies to the South Georgia Government, UK Foreign Office and agencies responsible for activities on the island.

Presentations and discussions will be held over two full days at the British Antarctic Survey Cambridge Headquarters. A third day will be devoted to Workshops followed by a plenary session. There will be ample opportunity for poster displays.


The full Second Circular and registration forms can be obtained by contacting the Conference Secretary. They are also on our website at www.south

The registration form and accompanying payment should be returned before 1 August 2003. There will be £10 surcharge for late registration. The registration fee covers organization costs, receptions and a copy of papers provided by speakers and other material on CD-ROM.

There is an administration charge of £5 for participants who are not members of the South Georgia Association. The subscription fees for joining the Association are
£15 or US$25 for the membership of the 2003 calendar year. £50 or US$75 for membership for five calendar years starting from 1st January 2003.


Participant (Member of the SGA) £40
Participant (Not a member of the SGA) £45
Concessionary rate (Students, retired members) £30
Late registration surcharge (after 1 August) £10
Refunds on registration fees will be made up to 1 August 2003. After that date it may not be possible to make any refunds. See registration form for methods of making payments.


Registration deadline 31 August 2003
Late registration surcharge 1 August 2003
Deadline for refunds 1 August 2003
Pre-registration 17 September 2003
Conference starts 18 September 2003
Conference ends 20 September 2003
To avoid disappointment, please respect the above deadlines


The Programme details and Poster Papers given below are subject to final confirmation by the relevant persons and organisations.

17 Sept
1600 Pre-Registration at Scott Polar Research Institute
1800 Reception hosted by The Institute with a display of South Georgia material

18 Sept
0945 Registration and Coffee at British Antarctic Survey
1015 Welcome and Introduction by Stephen Venables, President of the South Georgia Association. Followed by an address by Mr Howard Pearce, Commissioner for South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
Session 1: Environmental research and management (Chair: Professor Paul Rodhouse)
Professor David Walton--Environment and management plan
Professor John Croxall--Scientific data and monitoring for conservation and management of marine higher predators
1300-1400 Lunch
Session 2: Marine resource management (Chair: Professor John Beddington)
Dr Inigo Everson--Management of Fisheries
Dr Mark Belchier--The scientific basis for existing and future management
Dr Tom Marlow--Towards sustainable fishery for toothfish: MSC certification
Ian Thomson--Sustainable commercial activity in South Georgia waters
Evening: Reception at The British Antarctic Survey

19 Sept
Session 3: Visitors, cruise ships and expeditions (Chair: David Rootes)
Denise Landau--South Georgia as a cruise destination
Skip Novak--Adventure tourism: past and the future
David Nichols--The Expeditions Advisory Panel
Sally Poncet--Managing sustainable tourism
1230-1330 Lunch
Session 4: Heritage (Chair: David Tatham)
Professor Bjorn Basberg--Industrial archaeology of the whaling stations
Robert Headland--Historic sites: evaluation and protection
Dr John Snyder--An Approach to sustainable resource management
Session 5: Governance and Finance (Chair: Dr John Heap)
Dr Mike Pienkowski--An Environmental Charter for SG - implementing UK international commitments in the Overseas Territories

20 Sept
Workshop Sessions
Plenary Session
Closing remarks by: Mr Howard Pearce, Commissioner for South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
1330 Conference closes

Poster papers

Fiona Hatchell--Genetics of reindeer
David Nicholls--Discovery House Museum
MRAG--Toothfish tagging and Observer programme
Francis Marks--Overseas Territory Conservation Forum
Mollie Sheridan--Exhibition of South Georgia paintings

The Conference Secretary
The South Georgia Association
Scott Polar Research Institute
Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1 ER U.K.
(28 May 2003)


From a recent e-mail from Michael Smith: "...a statue of Tom Crean is being unveiled on Sunday, July 20 [2003] in his home village of Annascaul, County Kerry. The ceremony is being performed on his birthday by his daughter, Mary and I will be giving a talk afterwards in Tom's pub, The South Pole Inn. It is a great day for the Crean family and the most impressive recognition so far for the unsung hero of polar exploration."
(3 July 2003)

UPDATE: From a more recent e-mail: "It was a great day - despite the rain. However it was a bit of bun-fight, with hundreds of people at the ceremony. The unveiling was performed by Mary and Eileen, Tom's daughters. The statue is located right opposite The South Pole Inn."
(31 July 2003)


A major exhibit will be mounted to commemorate the centenary of Bruce's Scotia Expedition, The Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902-04), and to celebrate the life and achievements of William Speirs Bruce. It's set to open in March 2003 and run for three months through June. The venue will be The Royal Museum--a component of the National Museums of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. There's a possibility that it might travel on to Argentina, Svalbard, Monaco and perhaps other sites following its Edinburgh run.

The exhibition forms part of the UK's 'Antarctica 100' programme and is part of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society's series of events marking the centenary of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1902-04 (to include a Bruce symposium as part of the International Geographical Congress, Glasgow, 2004). The Society is also organizing a new Scottish Antarctic expedition to coincide with the centenary.

Here's some information from the preliminary materials drafted by the Museum:

Aims of the Exhibition
The primary aims of the exhibition are:

1. To introduce the visitor to Scotland's contribution to Polar exploration in the 'Heroic Age' (1895-1917) - a contribution almost exclusively embodied in one man, W S Bruce (a scientist, almost unique amongst his contemporaries - Scott, Shackleton, Nansen - in exploring in both the Arctic and Antarctic).

2. To present (using equipment, specimens, photographs, film, logs and notebooks, personal items carried by members of the expeditions, etc) an impression of the difficulties faced in undertaking 'cutting edge' research in a hostile environment - this to be done largely in the words of those involved in the planning and execution of the expeditions.

3. Through the use of an imaginative, evocative set (incorporating some screen-based presentations) to convey something of the harshness of polar environments.

4. To provide links to other activities and events (organised by others outwith NMS) to celebrate the centenary of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition and of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration'.

Some Items (selected) likely to be Included, mainly from the Collections of the National Museums of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (from both the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions):
- Globe, featuring Antarctica uppermost, signed by various polar explorers including Bruce.
- Watercolour of an iceberg by William Cuthbertson, artist on the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition.
- Model of the HMS Challenger
- Harpoon and harpoon gun.
- Pocket barometer given to Bruce by Hugh Robert Mill.
- Drawing of petrels by W. G. Burn Murdoch.
- Portrait of James Coats by Guthrie.
- Verascope Brevette Camera used by Bruce in the Antarctic.
- Bruce's yachting cap with SNAE cap badge.
- Painting by Burn Murdoch on wood panel showing off-loading of stores.
- Photographs of Omond House, Laurie Island.
- Fair Isle sweaters, gloves, hats, etc., worn on the expedition.
- Selection of wet preserved specimens (in their original jars) and dried material (birds, skeletel material and geological specimens).
- Manuscript survey drawings of Laurie Island.
- Medals awarded to Bruce and the members of the expedition.
- Painting by William Cuthbertson of the Scotia.
- Numerous other documents, maps, pictures, photographs and such.
Possible Associated Material and Activities
- A book by Peter Speak on Bruce (NMS Publications) and a book on the Scotia voyage (Tuckwell Press).
- Lecture and film series on polar themes.
- Education programme.
- SCRAN project (digitised database of the photographs taken on the SNAE.
- Cruise. Antarctic tourist cruise visiting sites associated with Bruce.
- Other initiatives (commissioning of a musical work, unveiling of a plaque at Surgeons Hall, etc.)

For further information, contact Geoff Swinney at the National Museums of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF. Tel: 0131 225 7534. E-mail:
(13 December 2001)

UPDATE: Bergy Bits No. 14 (newsletter of the Friends of Antarctica) notes that a Bruce symposium may be held in Glasgow in 2004.
(9 May 2002)

UPDATE: Geoff Swinney (Curator of Fishes, Amphibians & Reptiles, Geology and Zoology Department, National Museums of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF. E-mail: e-mails to say: "The exhibition on Bruce The First Polar Hero: William Speirs Bruce opens at the Royal Museum, Chambers Street, Edinburgh on 8 March [2003, running] until 7 June." Apparently this is a joint exhibit of the Royal Museum and the Royal Scottish Georgraphical Society.

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society website [at] notes that

"Between 2002 and 2004 Scotland celebrates the 100th anniversary of the voyage of the Scotia, the research ship of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition whose leader, William Speirs Bruce, is one of this country's forgotten polar heroes.

This centenary is not only an opportunity to mark the outstanding contribution made to scientific exploration by Scots, both past and present, but also a chance to highlight the importance of geographical teaching and research in advancing our understanding of the world we live in.

Funds raised in support of the Scotia Centenary are being used to develop an imaginative programme of exhibitions, musical performances, educational events and environmental research whose benefits will extend far beyond the bounds of Scotland. The centenary will also help raise funds that will be used to provide long term support for geography education and research in Scotland.

Amongst many celebratory activities, the Scotia Centenary Programme includes the following major elements:

1.An education programme for schools that both links with the curriculum and generates creativity.
2.The composition of a musical work in collaboration with the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.
3.A touring exhibition entitled Icy Images telling the story of the voyage of the Scotia.
4.An exhibition on the life of William Speirs Bruce at the Royal Museum of Scotland in collaboration with the National Museums of Scotland.
5.A scientific expedition to the South Atlantic that aims to shed new light on aspects of global climatic change.
6.The creation of a suite of Scottish Country dances in collaboration with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. "
Further on the RSGS site notes: "From 5 October to 5 November an exhibition entitled Icy Images will be on show at 'Our Dynamic Earth' in Edinburgh. Drawing on images from the original expedition, this exhibition has been prepared for the Society by RSGS Professional Associate Geoff Swinney. Come to the Society's Annual Awards evening at Our Dynamic Earth on 7 October and you will be able to view the exhibition. From November 2002 Icy Images will be available to tour museums, galleries and other venues throughout Scotland during the two years of the Centenary."

An eight-page Acrobat brochure entitled Icy Images can be found at which summarizes the expedition, though it doesn't give any details on the exhibit itself.

So it appears that Icy Images is one exhibit (running from 5 October to 5 November of this year--2002), followed by a second separate exhibit, The First Polar Hero: William Speirs Bruce, at the Royal Museum, running from 8 March to 7 June, next year, 2003.

The RSGS website features much on Speirs and the Scotia Expedition. A handsome print of the Scotia is offered on the site, too.

--R. Stephenson
21 October 2002


To be held at the Institute (Lensfield Road, Cambridge) on Saturday 7 June 2003.

The program: 12:30 pm. Sherry Reception. 1:00 pm. Lunch. 2:30 pm. "Scientific Investigations: The Polar Research Programmes of the Scott Polar Research Institute."

Tickets are £20 per person, paid in advance. For information, contact Mrs A. Bean, 88 Merton Avenue, Hillingdon, Middlesex UB10 9BL, UK. Tel: 01895 271141.
--R. Stephenson
(18 April 2003)


The long-awaited memorial to Captain Scott and the Polar Party will be unveiled in Cardiff on Friday 6 June 2003 at 12:15 pm by Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal. The work is referred to as the Antarctic 100 Memorial. Sculpted by Jonathan Williams, the "work was commissioned by the Captain Scott Society to commemorate the City of Cardiff's substantial investment in Scott's important, scientific and, ultimately, tragic British Antarctic Expedition, 1910. The design won a competition organised by the Society in conjunction with the South Wales Echo. ... The sculpture is cast of glass reinforced plastic and clad in irregular pieces of white and grey glazed ceramic tile, evoking the shimmering harshness of the frozen landscape they encountered. The surface is similar to that of some of the works of Gaudi in Barcelona which have survived a century of close public scrutiny. The Memorial is intended to be presented as a gift to the City of Cardiff, to be positioned beside the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay."
The event is being held in association with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

For additional information on this project, go to "Antarctic Art" elsewhere on this site.
--R. Stephenson
(28 May 2003)


This major exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, opened on 28 June and will run until 27 April 2003. (See for more information.)

"The oceans are a source of fascination and curiosity. Far from being a barrier, they have long been a conduit for commerce and communication. People have travelled across them to trade and to settle and have also ventured under them to uncover treasure and explore the mysteries of the deep. 'Oceans of Discovery' aims to illustrate the fascinating story of human endeavour to explore and understand the world and its oceans. The gallery is divided into five sections:
* Navigating the oceans
* Mapping the world
* Science and the sea
* Exploring the Poles
* Under the seas"
--From the Museum's website.
Among the items displayed that should be of interest to Antarcticans:
- The Nathaniel Dance painting of Captain Cook.
- The John Wildman portrait of James Clark Ross.
- Shackleton's boat, the James Caird.
Within a glass case:
- An epitaph on paper for the three casualties of the Ross Sea Party.
- Sextant used on the James Caird.
- Chronometer used on the James Caird.
- Shackleton's sketch of his prposed route across Antarctica on letterhead stationery of the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne.
- Letter from Shackleton to Elspeth Beardmore, dated 3 May 1907.
- Liquid boat compass used on the James Caird.
- A second letter to Elspeth Beardmore, dated 13 January 1914.
- Wyllie's etching memorializing the Scott tragedy.
- Theodolite taken by Scott to the Pole.
- Sledging compass from the Discovery expedition.
- Captain Scott's watch from the Discovery expedition.
- A third letter to Elspetch Beardmore, dated 5 November 1907.
- Dip circle (nautical instrument) depicted in the Wildman portrait of James Clark Ross.

By the way, to get to the Museum I generally take the Docklands Light Railway from Bank station to the Cutty Sark station. I recently found a pleasant alternative to backtracking: I went as far as Canary Wharf on the DLR and then walked for about 10 minutes westward, following the signs to the river where one can catch a commuter boat fairly frequently. With a travel card it only costs £2 to the end of the route near the Savoy with several stops in between. It's a very modern and fast boat and you get good views of all the new and old sites along the Thames.
--R. Stephenson
(4 October 2002)


A reception is to be held at the Royal Over-Seas League, London, on Thursday, 22 May 2003, at 6:00 pm, followed by the AGM and a film presentation on South Georgia.

For further details, contact The Secretary, The South Georgia Association, Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB1 2ER, United Kingdom. Email:

The Association's website is:
(19 April 2003)

UPDATE: An e-mail report from Wendy Driver: "We had an interesting time at the South Georgia Association AGM last Thursday. Stig-Tore Lunde was there, translating for Bob Headland when he put on a 1928 Norwegian silent film on South Georgia with subtitles."


To be held in the South Cloister, Dulwich College, London on Friday 9 May 2003, at 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm.

The program will feature Rear Admiral John Myres CB, whose talk is entitled "Rewards for the Brave, the Foolhardy and the Shivering."

The cost of the evening is £25 per person, including wine before and during dinner.

For further information on the meeting and on membership in the Society, contact The Hon. Secretary, The James Caird Society, School Farm, Benenden, Kent TN17 4EU, UK. tel: +44 (0)1580 240755, fax: +44 (0)1580 240960, e-mail:
Also check elsewhere on this site under 'Organizations'. Website:
--R. Stephenson
(18 April 2003)

UPDATE: A large crowd was in attendance (sans the James Caird which is in Australia). Among those spotted: Wendy Driver, Patrick Fagan, Philippa Foster Back, Pippa Hare, Richard Hudson, Lucy Martin, Jan Piggott (handing out the Society's new journal), Jonathan Shackleton, Zaz Shackleton, Ann Shirley and David Yelverton.
--R. Stephenson
(27 May 2003)


A talk by Michael Smith, author of the recent biography of Captain Oates (I Am Just Going Outside; see 'Antarctic Book Notes' elsewhere on this site for reviews) is set for Sunday 4 May 2003 at 7:30 pm at St Mary the Virgin Church, Gestingthorpe, Essex. (The church is across the road from Gestingthorpe Hall where L.E.G. Oates grew up.) Refreshments will be served at the Hall from 6:30 pm and the talk begins at the church at 7:30 pm with a question and answer time following. Tickets are £15 with proceeds going to church restoration. For information, ring Tony Dagnall at 01787 462663. That's the good news. The disappointing news is that the event is already sold out!
--From a recent e-mail from Michael Smith.

NOTE: It's not surprising that this is sold out given the opportunity of visiting Oates' home and being able to hear about him from Michael and to view that memorial brass plaque that Oates' mother polished every week and--possibly--to see the altar cloth made by Taff Evans' widow. Apparently somewhere at Gestingthorpe there's a tree that Oates carved his name on (something Scott did as well at his boyhood home, 'Outlands', in Devonport, Plymouth).
[To learn more about Gestingthorpe go to elsewhere on this site.]
(6 March 2003)


Simon Jenkins, the eminent journalist, recently visited the huts on Ross Island and will relate his experiences on Wednesday 16 April 2003 at 7:00 pm at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London. Tickets are £15 each, all proceeds going directly to the huts' preservation efforts. Please send a s.a.e. with a cheque made payable to 'UKAHT' to Rachel Morgan, Kingcoed Farm, Usk NP15 1DS UK.
--From 'Polar Bytes,' newsletter of the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, December 2002.
(20 January 2003)

UPDATE: Martin Williams (former UK High Commissioner to New Zealand) e-mails to say that HRH The Princess Royal, patron of the UKAHT, will be present at the event.
(25 January 2003)


A talk by John Killingbeck as part of the Royal Geographical Society's lecture program. Tuesday 11 March 2003 at 7:30 pm at the Stover School, A382, Newton Abbot. "John worked on Adelaide Island for the British Antarctic Survey in the 1960s, returning again in 1993 when the huskies were removed. Now, as an occasional lecturer on cruise ships, he offers his thoughts on the impacts of tourism to this region."
--From the RGS's Jan-March issue of 'Forthcoming Events London and the Regional Programmes.'
(20 January 2003)


A talk by Richard Harbour, who "...was employed by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, 1959-61, working as a surveyor at the great sledging base Hope Bay, and during the summer from survey ships." At 8:00 pm, Saturday, 8 March 2003 at SPRI, Lensfield Road, Cambridge.
--From 'Polar Bytes,' newsletter of the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, December 2002.
(20 January 2003)


A talk by Clive Bradbury, "To commemorate installation at the Institute of a memorial plaque to one of the five members of Scott's Polar Party, the speaker wil relate the life and achievements of Bowers, focusing particularly on his contribution to Scott's Terra Nova expedition." At 8:00 pm, Saturday, 22 February 2003 at SPRI, Lensfield Road, Cambridge.
--From 'Polar Bytes,' newsletter of the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, December 2002.
(20 January 2003)


The James Caird Society is holding a Grand Polar Dinner on Saturday, February 15, 2003, to "...raise funds for the (New Sealand) Antarctic Heritage Trust's conservation plan for Shackleton's Hut at Cape Royds, Ross Sea. It is also to celebrate Sir Ernest Shackleton's Birthday. During the evening there will be a brief, but very special, polar auction to include a polar cruise for two in 2004, most kindly donated by Quark Expeditions." It will be held at The Royal Overseas League, 1 Park Place, St. James's Street, London SW1, 7:00 pm for 7:30 pm. Cost: £60. Black Tie. Closing date: February 10th. For further information, contact The Hon. Secretary, School Farm, Benenden, Kent TN17 4EU.
--From a recent Society mailing.
(20 January 2003)


A talk by Richard Pattison, "...joint leader of a 15-strong team to the Danco Coast for ten weeks. Using a 72-foot sailing yacht as a mobile base camp, eight mountains were climbed, and a range of historical, geographical and wildlife information recored, including work for the Scott Polar Research Institute." At 8:00 pm, Saturday, 8 February 2003 at SPRI, Lensfield Road, Cambridge.
--From 'Polar Bytes,' newsletter of the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute, December 2002.
(20 January 2003)


An exhibition at the Carleton College (Northfield, MN) Art Gallery running from January 17 to March 11, 2003. Among those represented: Stuart Klipper, photographer; Douglas Quin, sound recordist; and David Rosenthal, painter, all NSF Artists and Writers Program participants. Events associated with the exhibition (all now past) included: Friday, January 17, 7 p.m., 104 Boliou Hall. Slide Lecture: William Fox, writer, independent scholar, NSF Antarctic fellow "Terra Antarctica" surveying artistic interpretations of the polar continent over two centuries. 8-9:30 p.m. Opening Reception, Art Gallery.
Thursday, January 30, 4:30 p.m., Gould Library Atheneum. Slide lecture: Stuart Klipper, Minneapolis photographer, NSF Antarctic fellow.
Tuesday, February 11, 7 p.m. Gould Library Atheneum. "Larry Gould in Antarctica." Film: Antarctic footage (1929) narrated by Laurence M. Gould (1986). A Biographer's Report: Eric Hillemann, College Archivist, shares stories from the biography now in process.
--From the Carleton College website:
NOTE: Gould, second in command of BAEI, director of IGY, president of SCAR, etc., was president of Carleton.
(27 February 2003)
UPDATE: Additional information from the website:

"With Antarctic Visions and Voices, the Carleton College Art Gallery highlights the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program and celebrates an historic connection between the College and the cold and distant polar continent.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has long supported scientists seeking understanding in many arenas, including astrophysics, the atmospheric, earth, and ocean sciences, biology, and human psychology and physiology. In the mid 1970s, the NSF created the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program to open the region to artists, writers, photographers, poets, musicians, and other humanists. Their voices and visions go beyond scientific data to communicate effectively the rigors and wonders of the Antarctic experience.

In a highly selective sampling, Antarctic Visions and Voices presents the work of three repeat participants in the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program: a photographer, a painter, and a sound recordist or "acoustic ecologist." Stuart Klipper, a Minneapolis-based photographer, has traveled to Antarctica six times. Best known for sweeping panoramic vistas, he has documented the southernmost continent using an arsenal of cameras and approaches. Painter David Rosenthal makes his home in Cordoba, Alaska, and has yielded to the magnetic pull of the south pole 10 times. Rosenthal has painted snow and ice in Maine, Alaska, and Greenland, and initially ventured to the research site at McMurdo Station as a member of its support staff. In recognition of his luminous paintings from the bottom of the earth, he has three times been designated an NSF artistic fellow. Douglas Quin seeks to recreate the Antarctic environment through sound. Using recording devices and an electronic mixing board, Quin represents and composes the raw sounds of the arctic into soundscapes, which are widely available through compact discs and occasional live radio broadcasts from Antarctica.

The histories of Antarctic exploration and Carleton College intersect in the figure of Laurence McKinley Gould, who served as Carleton's fourth president from 1945 to 1962. Gould accompanied Admiral Richard E. Byrd on the successful 1928-30 polar expedition, serving as second-in-command and senior scientist. He directed the Antarctic Program during the International Geophysical Year of 1957-58, which organized continuing scientific investigation in cooperation with 66 nations.

Very few people will ever travel to Antarctica, as it remains inaccessible to all but a few scientists, adventurers, and wealthy eco-tourists. This exhibition, presenting pictures and sounds of this pristine place, invites imaginative journeys to the last terrestrial frontier."

(27 February 2003)


The Tom Crean Society Midwinter Celebrations: A special weekend of celebration of the life of Tom Crean, Antarctic Explorer

The recently established Tom Crean Society has arranged a series of spectacular and innovative events on the weekend of 12th to 15th December 2002 to celebrate the life of Annascaul native and Antarctic Explorer, Tom Crean. Among them is a re-enactment of the Midwinter Dinner as held on the 'Terra Nova' in Antarctica. The full schedule of events for the weekend is as follows:

Thursday, 12th December at the Brandon Hotel, Tralee:
  - Penguin Reception at 8.00 p.m.
  - Midwinter Dinner at 9.00 p.m. As held on the 'Terra Nova' Expedition 1911 - 1913 at Cape Evans, Antarctica.
      With relatives of Crean, Scott, Evans and Shackleton
      Dress - Black and White
      Music by Oilean & Eilis Kennedy at the Penguin Reception. Café Orchestra after the Mid-Winter dinner.
  - Launch of Tom Crean Society Tour to Antarctica in 2004
M. C. - Donncha O' Dulaing of RTE's Failte Isteach.

Friday, 13th December at the South Pole Inn, Annascaul: - Magic Lantern Slideshow by Broke Evans (son of Teddy). From the original slides of Herbert Ponting at 8.00 p.m.

Saturday, 14th December from the South Pole Inn, Annascaul: - The Tom Crean Historical Walk at 11.00 a.m. - Lecture 8 p.m.

Sunday, 15th December - Official Visit of the Tom Crean Society to The Antarctic Exhibition at Kerry County Museum. Leaving the South Pole Inn at 2 p.m.

For further information on any of these events, contact Maeve at 066-9157382 or Eileen at 066-9157388 E-mail:

--Thanks to Rachel Morgan, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(11 December 2002)


A talk by William L. Fox [see his 'Antarctic Image Chronology' elsewhere on this site] at the Annual Meeting of The Antarctican Society, in conjunction with the Explorers Club and Society of Women Geographers. Saturday 7 December, 2002 at the Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. Cocktails: 6 pm. Dinner 7 pm. Lecture 8 pm. Cost: $55. For information contact Markie Hunsiker, 5705 Nevada Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20015. Tel: 353-9132.

"Mr. Fox is interested in the Antarctic as an environmental and a cultural bellwether. He discerns the histories of art, exploration, and science coming together in a visibly unique fashion, the result of all three fields undergoing profound shifts when the Antarctic was being explored. This visual intersection of exploration and intellectual change compromises artworks that the public has not seen to any large degree. The timing for an illustrated lecture that extends far beyond Antarctic enthusiasts couldn't be better.

In 2001, he was selected to work in Antarctica with the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program to research a book, which the University of Georgia Press will publish. His lecture will detail how Antarctica is represented through visual images, tracing the historical lineage of Antarctica art cartography, and exploration, explaining how it is related to today's activities, and pointing to its future value.

In 2002 Mr. Fox, an independent scholar who lives in Portland, Oregon, won a Guggenheim Fellowship to study the perception of space in Antarctica."

--From The Antarctican Society newsletter, Vol 02-03, No. 2, November, 2002.
(7 November 2002)


An exhibit of the work of Keith Grant from 3-20 December 2002 at the University of Surrey, Guildford (Tel: 01483 689167). Keith Grant travelled to the Antarctic with the British Antarctic Survey as a participant in its Artists' and Writers' Programme. He will also give the Second Annual University Art Lecture on 4 December at 5:50 pm.

--Thanks to Issue 14 of Bergy Bits, the newsletter of the Friends of Antarctica.
(12 September 2002)


From a recent e-mail from Michael Smith (author of 'An Unsung Hero: Tom Crean - Antarctic Survivor' and a just-released biography of Oates [see 'Antarctic Book Notes' elsewhere on this site]):

"I am giving an illustrated lecture on the life of Captain Oates to coincide with my new biography. Details: The Courage of Captain Oates. Place: The Oates Museum [at The Wakes, Gilbert White's house], Selborne nr Alton, Hampshire GU34 3JH, UK. Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2002. Doors open at 7, talk at 7.30 pm, concluding by 9:30. For information: Telephone: 01420 511275."
--R. Stephenson
(12 September 2002)

Suggestion: Go earlier and enjoy both museums in the same lovely property--collections devoted to Oates and Gilbert White, the author of 'The Natural History of Selborne', the fourth most frequently published book in the English language. The village is interesting, there are several nice walks including up the 'Zig-Zag', and more than one pub. 'The Wakes' is open everyday 11-5.


The Summer Lunch of the Friends will take place on Saturday 8 June 2002 at Girton College, Cambridge. The Annual General Meeting is set for Saturday 16 November 2002 in Cambridge. For more information, contact Mrs A. Bean, Secretary, Friends of SPRI, 88 Merton Avenue, Hillingdon, Middlesex UB10 9BL (Tel: 01895 271141) E-mail:
(9 May 2002)


To be held in the North Cloister, Dulwich College, London on Friday 8 November 2002. [Since changed to the 14th. See below.]

The program will feature Alan Gurney, yacht designer, lecturer and author, who will speak on the myths that surrounded Antarctica. [Gurney is planning a book on Shackleton's Nimrod expedition.]

For further information on the meeting and on membership in the Society, contact The Hon. Secretary, The James Caird Society, School Farm, Benenden, Kent TN17 4EU, UK. tel: +44 (0)1580 240755, fax: +44 (0)1580 240960, e-mail:
Also check elsewhere on this site under 'Organizations'. Website:
(15 June 2002)

UPDATE: Word has come from the Society that the autumn meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday 14th of November.
--R. Stephenson
(25 August 2002)

UPDATE: The spring 2003 meeting is scheduled for Friday May 9th.
--Thanks to John McGregor.
(7 November 2002)


The recently formed Old Antarctic Explorers Association [see under 'Organizations' elsewhere on this site] is planning a gathering in Pensacola, Florida on November 6, 7, and 8, 2002. More information at Address: Old Antarctic Explorers Association, Inc., 4615 Balmoral Drive, Pensacola, FL 32504. E-mail:
Registration: $75. Venue: Holiday Inn University Mall, 7200 Plantation Road, Pensacola, FL.
(15 June 2002)


The Ernest Shackleton Autumn School takes place in Athy from the 24th to 27th October, 2002. The Athy Heritage Centre has established the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School to celebrate the life and work of the great Antarctic explorer in the area of his birth. Highlights include lectures, arts and musical events.
For Information contact the Athy Heritage Centre (which is also the Tourist Information Office), Town Hall, Emily Square, Athy, Co. Kildare. Tel: 0507-33075. Email: or

The Athy Heritage Centre holds the only permanent exhibition on Sir Ernest Shackleton in Ireland, which includes artefacts relating to his expeditions and a scale model of the ship Endurance [see the Centre's website for a photo of this replica which was used in the Channel 4-Kenneth Branagh production of 'Shackleton']. It's open year round: May-September (Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.); October-April (10 a.m.-5 p.m.). Admission Prices: Adults EUR2.50. Concessions EUR2.00.

The Centre's website is at:

(15 October 2002)

UPDATE: A flyer on the School arrived today. Here are some of the events:

Thursday 24 October at the Athy Community Library. 8 pm. Free. Readings from an exhibition of work created during a series of creative writing workshops held throughout County Kildare during t he weeks leading up to the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School, and facilitated by travel writer Mary Russell.

Friday 25 October at the Athy Heritage Centre. 7 pm. Official Opening of the Second Ernest Shackleton Autumn School by The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton, Ernest Shackleton's Grand-daughter.

Friday 25 October at the The Dominican Church, Convent Lane, Athy. 9 pm. Concert. Admission: EUR15. Liam O'Flynn and the Pipers Call Band. Together with the band's regular repertoire, this concert will feature the world premiere of Endurance, a piece of music composed by Liam O'Flynn and inspired by Shackleton's renowned expedition to the Antarctic.

Saturday 26 October. Lecture Series. All at St. Michael's Church of Ireland, Offaly St. Admission: EUR6 each.

10 am. 'Antarctic Exploration Ancient and Modern.' Lecture by Robert Headland, Scott Polar Research Institute.

11:30 am. 'Shackleton's World and the Passion for the Poles.' Lecture by Francis Spufford, Author.

2:30 pm. 'The Literary Element: Shackleton as Writer and Reader.' Lecture by Dr. Jan Piggott, Archivist, Dulwich College (Shackleton's old school).

3:30 pm. 'Travel and Digression.' Lecture by Mary Russell, author and travel writer.

4:30 pm. 'Displaying Antarctica.' Lecture by Helen O'Carroll, Curator, Kerry County Museum.

Saturday 26 October at Athy Community Library. 8:30 pm. Admission: EUR8. Drama. 'Now We Go Home.' Play on Words Theatre Company in association with The Greenwich Maritime Museum and Spectrum Theatre Projects. 'Now We Go Home,' a one-man show by Galway man Aidan Dooley, is a dramatisation of the life of Tom Crean, from Annascaul, Co. Kerry who served both Shackleton and Scott in the Antarctic.

Sunday 27 October. Morning Field Trip. Admission: EUR6. Meet at Athy Heritage Centre at 10 am. Field Trip to sites related to Shackleton in South Kildare.

Sunday 27 October. Lecture Series. All at St. Michael's Church of Ireland, Offaly St. Admission: EUR6 each.

2:30 pm. 'Shackleton's Rescue Mission.' Lecture by Trevor Potts, Outdoor Education Specialist.

3:30 pm. 'Living in Antarctica.' Lecture by Brendon Grunewald, Physicist.

Sunday 27 October. 'Stories in Time: Children's Dance Workshop and Performance.' Athy Community Library. 11 am - 2:45 pm. Admission: Free.
At 3 pm, a performance in the People's Park (weather permitting) or Athy Community Library. Led by artists of Fluxusdance and choreographer, Cathy O'Kennedy, the children will be encouraged to use their imagination to create a dance on the story of Ernest Shackleton's life and explorations. It will culminate in a public performance.

Sunday 27 October. 'Then You'll Rememember Me.' Mend & Makedo Theatre Company. A dramatisation of the love letters of Ernest and Emily Shackleton with music of the period with John MacKenna, Paula Dempsey, Chris Fingleton, Caitriona Ni Fhlaithearta and Mairead O'Flynn. 8:30 pm. Athy Community Library. Admission: EUR5.

Sunday 27 October. 'Blugrass Session with Athy Blugrass Music Association. 10 pm. Admission: Free.

Fees: Other than the fee for each individual event as noted above there are special fees. Full weekend autumn school fee (all events) EUR60. All events Saturday only: EUR35. All events Sunday only: EUR20.

(16 October 2002)


The Argentine invasion of South Georgia: two decades on
Robert Headland, Scott Polar Research Institute
Saturday, 19 October, 8pm
The speaker was stationed at the British Antarctic Survey base King Edward Point when it was attacked by Argentine forces on 3 April 1982 in an early action of the Falklands Conflict. This lecture has been organized jointly with the South Georgia Association.

William Speirs Bruce (1867-1921)
Peter Speak, Scott Polar Research Institute
Saturday, 16 November, 5pm
To commemorate the departure of the Scotia Expedition to Antarctica, the author of a recent book on Bruce will give an account of the life and work of this remarkable polar explorer, scientist and Scottish nationalist.
PLEASE NOTE: The talk will be followed by the AGM of the Friends of the Institute and a buffet. All are welcome to the lecture but Friends only should attend the AGM and buffet.

Both programs held at Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1ER.

--From the Friends of SPRI newsletter ('Polar Bytes' July 2002).
(25 August 2002)


From the recent issue of Polar Bytes (No 24, October 2002), the newsletter of the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute:

The Tom Crean Society in conjunction with the Kerry County Museum is organising a series of events in October and December 2002. Thursday 31st October Aidan Dooley will perform his one man show on Tom Crean at the South Pole Inn, Annascaul and on Thursday 12th December the Tom Crean Society will be holding its first Gala Dinner. For full details of these and all other events contact Eileen Percival on 066-9157388.

To coincide with these events two seven day Special Tom Crean Walking Tours have been arranged (25th October - 1st November and 7th-15th December). For further details contact Walking Boots Tours 066 -9157382.

(23 October 2002)

"DISCOVERING ANTARCTICA" - Rock collections from the early Antarctic Expeditions

5th October 2002 to 11th January 2003
The Hunter Room
The Hunterian Museum
Gilbert Scott Building
University Avenue
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Tel: 0141-330-4221
Fax: 0141-330-3617

The Hunterian's collections include the very first scientific specimens from mainland Antarctica collected by Borchgrevink, as well as material from the Shackleton, Scott and Mawson and other subsequent expeditions.

--Thanks to Paul Youngs.
(25 August 2002)


Saturday 21st September 2002, 11am to 4pm
At the Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1ER

We invite you to join us for a day out at the Scott Polar Research Institute. The programme for the day is:

11am. Coffee followed by a general meeting with briefings on the Trust's activities and developments at Port Lockroy. Question and answer session.

12.45pm. Sandwich lunch with wine followed by a look at the SPRI museum, a tour of the new Shackleton Memorial Library and an opportunity to view the Macklin papers bought last September by SPRI with the help of the UKAHT.

2.45pm. Two short historical films; the 'British Graham Land Expedition 1934-37' and '67 Degrees South', a FIDS film on life at Horseshoe hut in the 1950s.


There is no charge but on the day we would be grateful for a contribution towards the cost of lunch. So we can gauge the numbers, if you would like to attend, please reply to: by 31st August. You are welcome to bring a guest, please name them (and yourself) in the reply. To save on administration costs, no confirmation will be sent. SPRI is easy to find. Lensfield Road is west off Hills Road 10 minutes walk north of the railway station. There is no car-parking at SPRI but there is a multi-storey 5 minutes walk to the east of SPRI off Gonville Place. We hope to see you there.

Rachel Morgan, Administrator
United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust
Kingcoed Farm, Usk, NP15 1DS, UK
tel/fax: (+44) (0) 1291 690305

See also:

--Thanks to Rachel Morgan.
(25 August 2002)


The first Annual General Meeting of the newly formed South Georgia Association is tentatively scheduled for Friday 24 May 2002 presumably in London. Details and program to be announced.
(16 December 2001)


To be held in the North Cloister, Dulwich College, London on Friday 10 May 2002 at 6:45 pm.

"Stephen Venables is well known to you all as the first man to climb Everest without oxygen. He is also a member of the James Caird Society. His lecture is entitled: Enchanted Island -- Two Expeditions to South Georgia. He will talk about his part in the making of the new IMAX film Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure, and his earlier expedition in 1990, when he made his first ascent of Mount Carse.

The cost of the evening will be £20 per head, including wine before and during supper. After the lecture wine will be available.

... No tickets will be issued after Monday, 5th May. As usual guests will be welcome."

For further information on the meeting and on membership in the Society, contact The Hon. Secretary, The James Caird Society, School Farm, Benenden, Kent TN17 4EU, UK.
Also check elsewhere on this site under 'Organizations'. Website:
(13 December 2001; updated 3 April 2002)


Sponsored by Lehman Brothers.

Imagine having a dream that everyone said was mad and impossible.

Imagine accomplishing it after 22 years.

Come meet Robert Swan, polar adventurer extraordinaire, the first man to walk to the South Pole and the North Pole on the longest unassisted march in the history of mankind.

Robert's story is passionate and spellbinding -- a story about isolation and relentless focus, disaster and success, mental stamina and physical exhaustion, vision and execution. He will talk about managing an international team that has met for the first time and leading that team under extreme conditions. It is a story highly relevant in today's business climate.

Join us for insights into Personal Leadership. We guarantee an invigorating evening!

Date: Thursday, 18 April 2002
Time: 18:30 - 20:30 [Reception 18:30 - 19:30. Speaker 19:30 - 20:30]
Cost: £20 in advance, £25 at door if available. Price includes the cocktail reception.
Place: Lehman Brothers, One Broadgate, 7th Floor Board Room, London EC2M 7HA
Directions: Nearest tube station is Liverpool Street on the Central Line. Take Broadgate exit from the station. Lehman Brothers is the red brick building.
Reservations: Limited seating! Reserve early! Advance payments must be received by 16 April. Tickets will be mailed and a confirmation will be sent to you by email.
To reserve tickets send a £20 check payable to the Kellogg Alumni Club of London, along with your name, address, phone number, email address, school affiliation, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Mail to:
Kellogg Alumni Club of London
c/o Sue Kiner
19 Craven Hill
First Floor
London W2 3EN
For more information on the event, see the new web site (operational 22 February)
For queries, contact Sue Kiner at

Open to all alumni, guests and/or members of Kellogg School of Management, Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, London Business School, Association of MBAs, MIT Sloan School of Management, UC Berkeley Haas School, Institute of Managing Directors, Duke University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, Yale University, University of Notre Dame, Columbia University, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Arizona, University of Melbourne, University of Rochester, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Brown University, Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Williams College, Radcliffe College, Smith College, Vassar College, Wellesley College, Babson College, Lehman Brothers.

--From a press release from Sue Kiner, an avid Antarctican.
(20 February 2002)

UPDATE: According to a recent e-mail from Sue, "it was a huge success."
(9 May 2002)


The British Channel 4 production of 'Shackleton' (apparently Britain's most expensive TV production ever) is scheduled to air on the Arts & Entertainment channel on 7 April, Kenneth Branagh in the lead role. It's said to be available on DVD through UK.
--Thanks again to Brenda Clough.
(10 March 2002)

UPDATE: "We wanted to let you know that the much anticipated world-premiere of SHACKLETON will be airing on A&E on Sunday, April 7th at 8:00 PM EST. (Part II will air the following night at 9:00 PM EST.)

Kenneth Branagh in SHACKLETON. THE GREATEST SURVIVAL STORY OF ALL TIME! Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh (Henry V) stars as heroic polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton in this extraordinary epic tale of survival. Written and directed by Charles Sturridge (Longitude, Gulliver's Travels), this four-hour drama is based on Shackleton's abortive 1914 attempt to reach the South Pole, and his heroic efforts to save his ship and crew from the treacherous icy waters. As Sturridge will tell it, this is not just a story of men against the white ice and sea but of the background of the expedition and the incredible qualities that allowed Shackleton to lead his men through the most extreme conditions, and bring them back alive.

If you miss the show, it is available for purchase in our exclusive A&E SHACKLETON SHOP at In addition to the movie on VHS and DVD, our SHACKLETON SHOP features a wide variety of other Shackleton items, including books, t-shirts and hats, Frank Hurley posters, maps of Antarctica and more!

There has been tremendous anticipation and press for this show and consumers are already buying SHACKLETON even before it has aired! Don't miss it! Again, we commend you on the quality of content your site offers Shackleton enthusiasts everywhere!"
--Thanks to Kathy Hermanowski, Affiliate Program Manager, E-commerce, A&E Television Networks.
(22 March 2002)

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Boston Globe today (Sunday, 24 March) notes that the A&E production will be shown in two parts: Part I: Monday 7 April and the following night, Part II: Tusday 8 April, both at 9 pm. Part I will be preceded by a "one-hour profile of Shackleton." Not sure what that is. Jonathan Shackleton told me today that in Britain, there was a 'the making of...' production that followed the show.
--R. Stephenson
(24 March 2002)


The Kerry County Museum, Tralee will host Ireland's first-ever "Antarctica" exhibition from April to December 2002. Supported by the Irish Department of Science & Technology and some of the world's leading polar museums and institutions, the exhibition will trace the development of Antarctic Exploration--largely through the story of Tom Crean. The Crean Collection recently donated by the explorer's family to the Kerry Museum will be among the many artefacts on display. This collection includes Tom's various Polar medals and the Albert Medal awarded for saving the life of Teddy Evans. There are also some other artefacts such as a cermemonial sword.

"Antarctica" will feature rare polar artefacts from the Heroic Age on loan from The National Maritime Museum Greenwich, The Fram Museum Oslo, Scott Polar Research Institute, Royal Geographical Society, The Discovery Centre, Dundee, the Science Museum of Minnesota and other institutions. Many of the exhibits featured in the highly successful "South" exhibition at Greenwich during 2001 will be on display again in Tralee courtesy of the National Maritime Museum.

The National Science Foundation and European Science Foundation are also providing support as is the British Antarctic Survey. A number of major polar-related events are being planned to coincide with the exhibition.

As well as the Heroic Age Expeditions, the exhibition will highlight current scientific research and the positive contribution of Antarctica to the global environment.

The exhibition will be open daily at the Kerry County Museum, Ashe Memorial Hall, Tralee from April 19 to December 22, 2002.

More info can be obtained from: John Griffin, Manager, Kerry County Museum, Tralee, Ireland. Tel: 00-353-66-712 8888. Fax: 00-353-66-712 7444.E-mail:

--From an e-mail from Michael Smith.
(6 January 2002)

Antarctica - Beyond Endurance: Journeys to the Bottom of the Earth Kerry County Museum, Tralee.

The Thomas Ashe Memorial Hall - a very attractive regency style stone building dating from the 1920s

The exhibition, although not directly publicised as specific to Tom Crean, due to its locality (Tom Crean's home county) covers only the three heroic age expeditions in which Crean participated. The exhibits are attractively laid out with informative illustrated panels. Many of the exhibits are artefacts seen at the National Maritime Museum's exhibition and there is a sizeable collection from the Fram Museum in Oslo including Amundsen's sledging parka.. But of real interest are the items relating to Crean which are held in private collections. A further room covers British Antarctic science today put together by the British Antarctic Survey.

Below are all the items in the exhibition listed as from private collections:

Items from the Discovery expedition
Plum pudding produced by Shackleton on the southern journey on the Discovery expedition
Sledging biscuit from the Discovery expedition
Snow goggles from the Discovery expedition
A sledging toolkit from the Terra Nova expedition
The camera used to take the photos at the South Pole in 1912
Memorial card for Scott and the others produced after the Terra Nova expedition
Items relating to Tom Crean:
Crean's copy of The Voyage of the Discovery inscribed by Scott
Letter from Scott to Tom Crean asking him to join the Terra Nova expedition
Letter from Tom Crean to J P Kennedy February 1912
Letter from Oriana Wilson to Tom Crean February 1913
Crean's skis and poles (Terra Nova expedition) (apparently in immaculate condition)
Standard agreement between Shackleton and Tom Crean regarding forthcoming Endurance expedition
Letter from Shackleton to Tom Crean about going for his commission 1917 Sword presented to Crean 1917
Teapot given by the Shackleton's to Tom Crean on the occasion of his marriage
Ditty box (containing letters and medals):
Tom Crean's medals
RGS Discovery medal Home made brass disc in anticipation of Good conduct medal made in Antarctica June 1912
Good conduct medal 1913
Albert Medal
RGS Terra Nova medal
Polar medal with 3 clasps (this was a replacement made when being awarded the second clasp as Tom Crean could not produce the original)
British war medal
Victory medal

--Kindly submitted by Rachel Morgan, Administrator, United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
(30 May 2002)

Some recent comments from Michael Smith (author of 'Tom Crean' and forthcoming book on Oates): ". . . I was much impressed with the new exhibition in Tralee. Considering their size, they have done a very creditable job and the exhibition looks first class. Well worth a visit."
(16 May 2002)

And some reactions to the opening of the exhibition from Jonathan Shackleton: "Edmund Hillary was a great star with the local school kids and I lined up with Falcon Scott and Chris Wilson. The exhibition was very professionally done by Helen O'Carroll."
(6 June 2002)

UPDATE: I visited the exhibit after attending the 3rd Shackleton Autumn School on Athy near the end of October 2003. The exhibit was partially closed--the newer bit on Antarctic science and the like was being disassembled when I visited, but the Crean and other early material was still in place. It's a nice exhibit, well laid out and easy to take in. Helen O'Carroll, the curator, was very welcoming and showed me around. I gathered that part of the exhibit at least is heading off to the Tipperary County Museum, Mick Delahunty Square, Tipperary, where it will open on 20 November 2003. It will come back again to Tralee in February and at least some of the material will be more or less on permanent display. [Many of the items are from the Crean family and are on indefinite loan to the Museum.] Ms O'Carroll kindly provided me with a listing of all the items in the exhibit although not all have been exhibited for the full run. The list appears below:
--R. Stephenson
(12 November 2003)

List of objects on display from loaning institutions and private lenders in 'Antarctica' exhibition at Kerry County Museum

Crean Family
Photograph album presented to Tom Crean by his shipmates on HMS Ringarooma
Tom Crean's copy of Voyage of Discovery inscribed by Scott
Royal Geographical Society Medal awarded for Discovery
Letter from Scott to Crean 1910
Terra Nova silver jug and bowl belonging to Tom Crean
Letter from Crean to JP Kennedy 1912
Tom Crean's Albert Medal
Scott's memorial card presented to each member of the Terra Nova expedition
Letter from Dr. Edward Wilson's wife, Oriana, to Tom Crean, 1913
Brass disc presented to Crean in Antarctica 1912
Good Conduct Medal
Royal Geographical Society Medal awarded for Terra Nova
Agreement between Crean and Shackleton for Endurance
Crean's Polar Medal
Letter from Shackleton to Crean 1917
Crean's Presentation Sword
Silver teapot given to Crean by Shackleton
Crean's British War Medal
Crean's Victory Medal
Ditty box
Card from Worsley

National Maritime Museum
Finnesko boots
Fox fur mittens
Pair of woollen Jaegar ankle socks
Photograph album compiled by Shackleton on Discovery
South Polar Times
Entertainment programme Discovery
Ice axe
Man harness
Two tins Norwegian ski wax
Model of motorised sledge
Scott's satchel
Parts of a primus stove
Teddy Evans' letter to Admiral Markham about the death of Scott

Fram Museum
Cadbury's Cocoa Essence
Canned meat
Linsen Suppe
Hand harpoon
Amundsen's Burberry suit
Amundsen's ski boots
Container for matches and matchbox
Dog harness and whip
Model of Fram
Norwegian sledge compass carved 14/12/1911
Film camera
Blubber hooks
Flensing knife
Dental equipment
Medical kit

Royal Geographical Society
Chemistry set
Balaclava helmet used by Shackleton on Nimrod
Waterproof matches
Scott's bagged food
Shackleton's sketch on menu card
Pocket bible left on the ice by Shackleton

Scott Polar Research Institute
Amundsen's black marker flag found by Scott at the Pole
Worsley's log
Nansen cooker
Primus stove

British Antarctic Survey
Field Tent
Polar suit
Field rations
Primus stove
Field Telephone

Science Museum of Minnesota
Ice corer
Emperor penguin chick
Adelie penguin nest stones
Glossopteris fossils
Lystrosaurus fossil casts

Dundee Heritage Trust
Framed programme of sports
Mineral specimens brought back from the Discovery expedition
Pony snow shoe

Ramsgate Maritime Museum
Dr Atkinson's medical kit, used on Terra Nova
Amputation set
Catheter set
Syringe case and instruments

Plymouth Museum
Model of Terra Nova made by Patrick Keohane in Antarctica

Cyfarthfa Castle Museum
Tom Crean's skis and ski poles

Dulwich College
Sail from the James Caird

Swansea Museum
Edgar Evans' boot

Oates Museum
Tin of Horlicks

Annascaul Development Association
Nansen sledge

Kerry County Museum
The Meteorology of Antarctica by George Simpson
Copy of Patrick Keohane's diary

Scott Family
Camera used by Scott to take pictures at the Pole
Diary pouch for Scotts last diary
Sewing kit

Keohane Family
Sledging tool kit
Snow goggles
Burberry suit
Man harness
Inner and outer socks belonging to Patrick Keohane
Terra Nova cruet set and mustard pot belonging to Patrick Keohane

Other Private Collections
Sink tidy used at the Cape Evans base
South by Sir Ernest Shackleton
Naval Biscuit
Matchbox with safety pins used as blubber prickers or forks
Shackleton's plum pudding ration bag used on Discovery
Tom Crean's snow shoes
Emperor penguin eggs


"The grandson of Scott of the Antarctic opened a new exhibition in Scotland which charts the adventures of the explorer. Falcon Scott cut the ribbon with a knife that was taken to Antarctica by his famous relation, Captain Robert Falcon Scott.

The displays at Discovery Point, Dundee, are said to give an insight into the living conditions of the great polar explorers during the Discovery expedition of 1901-1904.

The exhibitions tell the story of the Royal Ship Discovery and that of the men who served aboard - such as Capt Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton. Discovery Point has been one of the most popular visitor attractions in Scotland since it opened in 1993. It is the most visited historic tall ship in the country. Many of the items on show have never been on display to the public before.

The exhibition is being funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Dundee Heritage Trust and since 1999 has been being prepared.

Falcon Scott said: "It is just fantastic to see items my grandfather took with him 100 years ago to Antarctica on display for all to see. The new displays really do bring home the scale of the effort, achievements and living conditions endured by these great men."

Discovery Point Trust Chairman, Professor Stewart Brymer, said: "The new exhibitions are of the utmost quality and by far the most comprehensive in the country."

Heritage and Exhibitions Director, Gill Poulter, said: "We have been steadily building up our collections over the past years through gifts from descendants of these incredible explorers or through acquisition at polar auctions."

Visitors may test their skills in loading a ship with cargo so it will not capsize at sea, plot a course through the ice packs. New computer based touch-screen games consoles take visitors into detailed descriptions and images of the expedition with quizzes and games as fun ways of learning about the polar explorers.

The project started in 1999 and has received funding support from Scottish Enterprise Tayside, European Regional Development Fund.

Chief Executive Alan Rankin said he hoped the exhibits would be informative and fun."

--From the BBC News. Wednesday, 27 March, 2002, 13:56 GMT


[It's hard to keep track of all the Shackleton movies these days. Brenda Clough (see under 'Antarctic Book Notes' to learn about her science fiction treatment of L.E.G. Oates) has just sent in her impressions of one of George Butler's projects, received 24 March 2001.]

This is a wonderful film, recounting the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ENDURANCE expedition. The photographs and motion pictures shot by Frank Hurley have been augmented with modern footage and fascinating interviews with the descendants of expedition members. You get a wonderful sense of the cold and isolation, the sky and sea the color of steel. It's a miracle that not only the still images but the motion pictures were saved and are in such good shape. This film has already aired on TV in Europe. The producers are hoping for a larger theatrical release in the US. I attended a showing at a small art theater in Washington, sponsored by the District of Columbia Environmental Film Festival. It was absolutely cram-jammed, with extra chairs carried in and people waiting in vain outside. The director, George Butler, spoke briefly after the show. He says there's definitely an upsurge in interest in Shackleton, and mentioned the possibility of a major Hollywood feature film. Someone in the audience asked how Hurley's footage had survived. Nobody knows, but it stands up beautifully even next to the modern film. Butler ran this movie for some producers in Hollywood, who spoke admiringly of "his" historical black-and-white footage. This (and perhaps the Endurance museum exhibition) is probably the only way the general public is going to get to view these images. So if you get a chance, don't miss it."

Directed by George Butler
Executive Producers Edward Pressman & Terence Malick
Narrated by Liam Neeson

UPDATE: I saw the film last evening in Spaulding Auditorium in Hopkin's Center at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. The performance was sold out meaning that probably close to a 1,000 were in attendance. George introduced his film and afterwards fielded questions for half an hour or so in the nearby 'Top of the Hop'. I saw an early cut of the film at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston months ago and it's been improved mightily since then. The audience loved it.
--R. Stephenson
(28 October 2001)


Details are sketchy but apparently an exhibit of Hurley photographs is scheduled for the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock Abbey (where the pioneering photographer Talbot lived) in Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 2LG, UK. Check the Museum's website at At the moment (15 June) there are no details on the exhibit.

UPDATES: Still no information on the Museum's website (15 September) but the exhibit is there, entitled 'Ernest Shackleton's Expedition 1914', running until the end of October. Open daily 11-5 pm. Admission: £3.80. According to Wendy Driver, "there are prints of Hurley photos, some of the video 'South' and some slides."

More from Wendy: "I got to the Hurley exhibition at Lacock yesterday. It is called 'Antarctic Witness' and they have stunning photos taken directly from the original negatives in the RGS archive. There were some I had never seen before. They are playing the whole of 'South' (I think it is the whole thing. It lasts 1 hour 20 minutes anyway and have a series of transparencies of the camps on the ice floe and Elephant Island). It wasn't huge but quite interesting."

From the most recent issue of the newsletter of the Royal Geographical Society: "An exhibition of 60 photographic prints, specially made from Frank Hurley's negatives held by the Society, is now open at the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, Wiltshire until the end of November. Entitled 'Antarctic Witness', entrance is offered free to Fellows on production of a current membership card. A special evening opening for Fellows will be held on 18 October 2001."

UPDATE: The exhibit has been extended through 29 March 2002.


PBS's NOVA will air "Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance" at 9 pm on 26 March. This is when it's scheduled on Boston's WGBH and may be different on other public television stations.
--Thanks to Brenda Clough.

"In 1914, Ernest Shackleton boarded the Endurance with a team of seamen and scientists, determined to be the first to cross the Antarctic continent. But when the pack ice closed in and crushed their frail wooden ship, Shackleton and his men found themselves stranded 1,200 miles from civilization with little hope of rescue. For the next 14 months, they set out on a harrowing journey across the ice. When the ice broke up, Shackleton saved his men by embarking on a heroic 800-mile voyage in a tiny rowboat across the treacherous South Atlantic. Amazingly, all Shackleton's men survived their ordeal. Although many are now familiar with this epic story, Nova presents a definitive two-hour documentary that includes spectacular footage of Antarctic locations and moving interviews with descendants of the original expedition team."
--From WGBH Boston's webpage.
(10 March 2002)


On Thursday 21 March 2002 at 7:30 pm Neil Laughton and Trevor Potts will speak at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London. "A remarkable journey to re-create Sir Ernest Shackleton's escape from Antarctica in 1916. Drinks and photographic exhibition prior to lecture. Fund-raising event for The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Tickets: £10 with a s.a.e. from: The UK AHT, Kingcoed Farm, Usk NP15 1DS, UK (tel. 01291 690 305)."
--From the Spring 'Forthcoming Events' of the RGS.
(3 February 2002)


On Tuesday 19 March 2002 a special event is being held in Plymouth [England] to mark the city's association with Scott. At 1.00pm, at the Plymouth City Museum, there will be a lecture by Dr David Wilson, grandnephew of Dr Edward A. Wilson.
--Polar Bytes (No 20, October 2001) of The Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute. Also mentioned by Paul Davies.
(13 December 2001)


On Monday 18 March 2002 at 6:30 pm Ann Savours will speak at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London. Attendance limited to Fellows and their guests. "This historic ship, built for the National Antarctic Expedition 100 years ago, had the Society's President as 'Managing Owner', and sailed south for three major expeditions. Ann, a renowned Discovery scholar, tells the fascinating story."
--From the Spring 'Forthcoming Events' of the RGS.
(3 February 2002)


A talk by Rear Admiral John Myres, CB, Hydrographer of the Navy, 1990-94, and Secretary of the UK Polar Medal Assessment Committee, on Saturday 2 February 2002 at 8:00 p.m. at Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge.

"In 1857 the first medal for British Arctic exploration was instituted covering the period from 1818 to 1855. Some 2500 men were eligible for it--but only about 1500 received it. In 1876 a Second Arctic Medal was awarded--to just 155 men. Since 1904, the Polar Medal has been awarded for exploration and research in both the Arctic and Antarctic, and over 1200 men and less than half a dozen women have received it. The talk will describe the origins of these medals and offer some random thoughts on their award over nearly two centuries."
--Polar Bytes (No 21, January 2002) of The Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute.
(14 January 2002)


Artist Rik van Glintenkamp's exhibition 'Echoes in the Ice' opened on January 15, 2002, at the Community Gallery, Canadian Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod Street (at Metcalfe), Ottawa, Ontario, and will continue through the end of March. Similar shows of his work have been hosted by the Ohio State, Royal Geographical Society and other institutions. "An exhibition about heroism and endurance in humanity's quest to discover the secrets of Earth's polar regions, consisting of collages..." Rik's work highlights the major players in the Heroic Age.
--R. Stephenson
(3 February 2002)

UPDATE: Rik recently reported that "... an extensive, bilingual and permanent website for ECHOES IN THE ICE has been put up at
(10 March 2002)