River in Eastern Papua New Guinea, draining Morobe province. The swift but shallow and unnavigable stream rises on the Finisterre Range and receives the Erap River, coursing south from the Saruwaged Range, and the Watut River, flowing north from the Bulolo Valley. Flowing south east through the great Central Depression, the Markham traces a 110 mile (180 km) course to the Huon Gulf, Solomon Sea, 3 miles south of Lea. Its wide sparsely populated valley holds a considerable amount of level agricultural land in the lower reaches. Once an area of cocoa plantations it is being developed for peanut cultivation and cattle farming. Two roads ascend the valley; one leads to Bulolo Valley, and the other to the central highlands. The river is named for Sir Clements Markham, one time honorary secretary of the Royal Geographical Society.
Source: Extract from Encyclopedia Britannica