20 July 1830. Clements Robert Markham born at Stillingfleet Vicarage, Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire.

1838. Markham family moves to Great Horkesley in Essex.

1839?-April 1842. Student at Cheam School, Cheam, Sutton.

May 1842. Enters Westminster School, London.

28 June 1844. Enrols as a Naval Cadet.

20 July 1844. Sets sail on HMS Collingwood for a four-year tour of the Pacific Station, calling at Chile, Peru, Sandwich Islands, Tahiti, Brazil, The Falklands, and Mexico.

28 June 1846. Advances in rank to Midshipman.

4 May 1850. Sets sails aboard HMS Assistance for the Arctic.

October 1851. Returns home from the Arctic.

24 December 1851. Resigns from the Navy.

1852-53. Undertakes expeditions to Peru to study both its geography and the history of the Incas.

1853. Enters the civil service.

27 November 1854. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

23 April 1857. Marries Minna Chicester

1858. Begins twenty-nine year term as Secretary of the Hakluyt Society.

1859. The Markham's only child (Mary Louise or May) born. (She died in 1926.)

December 1859. Travels to Peru to collect cinchona trees.

April 1861. Appointed private secretary to the Secretary of State for India.

1863. Made Honorary Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society, serving to 1888.

1867-68. Engaged as geographer to the British military expedition (Magdala campaign) to Abyssinia.

17 May 1871. Created a Companion of the Bath.

1873. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

1877. Leaves the India Office.

1896. Knighted (KCB) in 1896 in recognition of his geographical work.

29 May 1875. Set sail with the Arctic expedition under the command of Captain George S. Nares, leaving the expedition at Disko Island and returning aboard the tender Valorous.

1889. Begins twenty year term as President of the Hakluyt Society.

13 November 1893. Elected President of the Royal Geographical Society, serving until 1905.

6 August 1901. Discovery sails for the Antarctic.

10 June 1915. Reads his last paper before a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society.

30 January 1916. Sir Clements Robert Markham dies in his 86th year in his house at 21 Eccleston Square, London.