Those who have signed the wall.

Launched: 7 October 2012. Last updated: 24 December 2015

Antarctic writer Jason Anthony

Polar booksellers John and Sue Bonham

South Pole Doc Betty Carlisle

Arctic documentarian Jeff Clark

Polar bookseller Paul Davies

Antarctic collector Rick Dehmel

Antarctic artist Lucia deLeiris

Antarctic carpenter Margo Fernandez

Antarctic mountaineer and author Damien Gildea

Polar collector Marty Greene

Antarctic scholar Steve Hicks

Antarctic writer David Hirzel

Antarctic worker Rich Joss

Polar museum director Geir Kløver

Antarctic collector and author Joe O'Farrell

Antarctic traveler Bill Raymond

Falklands Islands editor, writer, traveler Jim McAdam

Antarctic novelist Richard Pierce

Mountaineer and writer David Roberts

Antarctic collector, author and bibliographer Michael Rosove

Shackleton family member Charlie Shackleton

Antarctic worker Tracy Sheehy

Antarctic editor, translator and bibliographer Hilary Shibata

Polar collectors and writers David and Deirdre Stam

Both Poles with dogs Will Steger

Antarctic legend Charles Swithinbank

Antarctic collector and Athy wizard Seamus Taaffe

Third generation (of four) Antarctican Karen Ronne Tupek

Antarctic pioneer Don Webster