Richard Brodeur has been coordinating an effort to trace descendants of the members of Shackleton's "Endurance" expedition. He stresses that this is a 'work in progress' and welcomes additions and corrections. Contact him at 721 U.S. Highway One, Suite 222, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 USA. [Note: There has been no word from Richard for several years. Scratch that— Richard re-surfaced in April 2010.]

Last updated: 20 September 2016 (additions mostly by R. Stephenson)

William L. Bakewell (d. 1969, age 81, Dukes, Michigan).
Elizabeth (Bakewell) Rajala - daughter - Michigan USA.
Sarah Rajala - granddaughter - North Carolina USA. Kristen Aanstoos - great granddaughter. Stephanie Aanstoos - great granddaughter.
Mary Rajala Severson - granddaughter - Michigan USA. Zackery Severson - great grandson. Lance Severson - great grandson.
Nina Rajala - granddaughter - Alaska USA.

Perce Blackborow (d. 1949, Newport, Wales).
Reginald G. Blackborow - brother - Gwent, Wales.
Elizabeth Anne - RB daughter
John Edward Blackborow - PB son
James and Rose Blackborow - PB son and his wife - Gwent, Wales. John Blackborow - PB grandson - Newport, South Wales. Patricia Blackborow - PB granddaughter. Ian - great grandson. Katie - great granddaughter. Joanne - great granddaughter.
James Blackborrow - PB grandson. Sophie Ann - great granddaughter. Annie Margaret (Blackborow) Thomas - PB daughter - deceased.
Philip - PB grandson. Jay - great grandson. Eliot - great grandson.
Anne - PB granddaughter. Kirsty - great granddaughter. Mathew - great grandson.
Ian - PB grandson.
Kenneth Blackborow - PB son - deceased.
Andrew Blackborow - grandson. Phillip Blackborow - great grandson. Jack Blackborow - great grandson.
Jill Blackborow - granddaughter - Burton on Trent, England.
Joan (Blackborow) Randle - PB daughter - Gwent, Wales.
Catherine Randle - granddaughter. Katie - great granddaughter.
Rachel Randle - granddaughter.
Phillip Blackborrow - PB son.

Alfred B. Cheetham (d. 1918).
John Cheetham - grandson - Hull, Yorkshire, England.

Thomas Crean (d. 1938, Anascaul, County Kerry, Ireland).
Mary (Crean) O'Brien - daughter - County Kerry, Ireland. Brendan O'Brien - grandson - Dublin, Ireland. Bob O'Brien - grandson - County Kerry, Ireland.
Eileen (Crean) O'Brien - daughter - County Kerry, Ireland. Father Gerard O'Brien - grandson - Los Angeles USA.

Robert S. Clark (d. 1950, age 68, Aberdeen, Scotland).

Charles J. Green (d. 1974, age 85, Hull, Yorkshire, England).
Roy Cockram - nephew - Southampton, England.

Lionel Greenstreet (d. 1979, Goring-by-Sea, England).
Richard and Pam Greenstreet - nephew and wife - Essex, England.

Ernest Holness (d. 1924, lost overboard, the Hull trawler "Lord Lonsdale").
J.M. Holness - nephew - Hull, Yorkshire, England.

Walter E. How (d. 1972, age 87, England).
Doris (How) Warren - WEH daughter - Essex, England. Marilyn Warren Crane - granddaughter. Michael Victor Crane - great grandson.
Nathaniel H. How - WEH brother - and Rose Turner - both deceased. Dennis How - NHH son. Brian How - NHH son - and Anita How.
Donna (How) Wallace - NHH granddaughter. Yolande How - NHH granddaughter.
Molly (How) Robinson - NHH daughter (deceased) - and Tony Robinson. Martin Robinson - NHH grandson. Paula Robinson - NHH granddaughter.
Maureen E. (How) Messenger - NHH daughter (deceased) - and Frederick G. Messenger. Nicholas E. Messenger - NHH grandson - Middlesex, England.

Hubert T. Hudson (d. 1944, Commodore Royal Naval Reserve).
Dr. Richard Hudson - son

J. Frank Hurley (d. 1962, age 76, Australia).
Toni Hurley - daughter - Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.
Kevin Hurley - JFH grandson. Craig - great grandson. Rebecca - great granddaughter.
Julie (Hurley) Byans - JFH granddaughter. David - great grandson. Felicity - great granddaughter. Jacqueline - great granddaughter.
Adelie Hurley - daughter - Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. (Adelie Hurley died 4 March 2010, aged 90. See her obituary.)
Yvonne (Hurley) Paassen - daughter. Sandra - JFH granddaughter. Delia - JFH granddaughter.
Frank Hurley (deceased) - son.

Dr. Leonard D. A. Hussey (married, no children).
Dianne (Hussey) Young - great grand niece.

Reginald W. James (d. 1964, age 73, Cape Town, South Africa).
John S. James - son - Pinelands, South Africa. Peter James - grandson. William James - grandson.
David W. "Viv" James - son - Zeeloevlei, South Africa. Brian James - grandson. 2 great grandchildren. Simon James - grandson - USA. 2 great grandchildren. Janet (James) Visser - granddaughter. 3 great grandsons. David James - grandson.
Margaret (James) Grodner - daughter - Simonstown, South Africa. Mark Grodner - grandson. Susan Grodner Dacre - granddaughter. 1 great grandson.

A.J. Kerr.
Helen (Kerr) and John Nottingham - niece and husband - Northampton, England.
"Donald A. Kerr is the grandson of Alexander J. Kerr, 2nd engineer Endurance, 1st engineer Quest. He resides in Cornwall and is eagerly anticipating a long dreamt of visit to Antarctica (November 2014) and to the cairn on South Georgia partly constructed by his grandfather in memory of E. H. Shackleton.
Emma Kerr is the great granddaughter, runs www.shackletoninschools.co.uk—a teacher planning network and resource sharing facility for all schools delivering lessons and learning regarding Sir Ernest Shackleton and writes articles on the subject for the Geographical Association.
Sarah Kerr—great granddaughter with interest in polar exploration and history." (From an e-mail from Valerie Kerr, wife of Donald, 8 September 2014.)

Timothy F. McCarthy.

Dr. James A. McIlroy (d. age 80, bachelor).

Thomas F. McLeod (d. age 87, Canada).

Harry "Chippy" McNeish (d. 1930, age 56, New Zealand).
Thomas and Jessie McNeish - grandson and his wife.
Isabel and Donald Laws - great niece and husband - East Sussex, England. Malcolm Laws - great great nephew - London. Kathryn Carter - great great niece - Surrey, England.
Ivy Roe - great niece - Lancashire, England.
John and Christine Roe - great nephew and wife - Yorkshire, England. Hannah Roe - great great niece. William Roe - great great nephew.
Graham and Marie Roe - great nephew and wife - Ontario, Canada. Lee Roe - great great nephew - Ontario, Canada. Craig Roe - great great nephew - Ontario, Canada. Donna Roe - great great niece - Ontario, Canada.
Iris McNish and Mungo Johnstone - great niece and husband - Port Glasgow, Scotland. Jean McAleese - great great niece. Stuart Johnstone - great great nephew. Arlene Johnstone - great great great niece.
John and Elizabeth McNish - great nephew and wife - Port Glasgow, Scotland. Rita McKellar - great great niece. John McNish - great great nephew. Eileen McNish - great great niece.
Jean O'Neill - great niece - Port Glasgow, Scotland. John O'Neill - great great nephew. Alison O'Neill - great great niece. Frank O'Neill - great great nephew. Ryan O'Neill - great great great nephew. Sian O'Neill - great great great niece. Kerilee O'Neill - great great great niece. Reece O'Neill - great great great nephew.
Ann and David Collins - great niece and husband, Port Glasgow, Scotland. David Collins - great great nephew. Craig Collins - great great nephew. Andrew Collins - great great nephew.
E-mail from Ross McNish received 8 February 2014: "I am emailing further information on the descendants of Chippy McNish. My grandfather and grandmother are John and Elizabeth McNish, with their son John, being my father. I have a sister named Kerianne McNish, who has given birth to three boys named Lewis Neill, Aaron Neill and Ollie Baillie."

Dr. Alexander H. Macklin (d. 1967, age 77, Aberdeen, Scotland).
Jean Macklin - wife of Dr. Alexander Macklin - deceased.
A.H. "Sandy" Macklin - son - Aberdeen, Scotland. Peter Macklin - grandson - Aberdeen, Scotland. David Macklin - grandson - Aberdeen, Scotland. Paul Macklin - grandson - Aberdeen, Scotland.
Richard Macklin - son - Aberdeen, Scotland. Neil Macklin - grandson - Aberdeen, Scotland. (Neil Macklin died in a motorcycle accident in Malta in March 2008, just shy of his 33rd birthday. Provided by Bruce Boyle.)

George E. Marston (d. 1940, age 58).

Thomas H. Orde-Lees (d. age 79, New Zealand).
Zoe Orde Lees - daughter (alive as of January 2011). Provided by John Thomson.
Julian Ayer - grandson (killed in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami).

Louis Rickinson (d. 1945).

Sir Ernest Shackleton (d. 1922, age 47, South Georgia Island).
Hon. Alexandra Shackleton - granddaughter - England.
Jonathan and Daphne Shackleton - cousin - C. Cavan, Ireland. David - JS son. Jane - JS daughter. Hannah - JS daughter.
Charles and Miranda Shackleton - cousin - Vermont USA. Hugh - CS son. Sophie - CS daughter.
Scott Shackleton - cousin - Michigan USA.
Rand Shackleton - cousin - Michigan USA.
Robert Jorae Shackleton - cousin - Colorado USA.
Susan Shackleton Miller - cousin - Texas USA.
Jane Shackleton Blessing - cousin - Indiana USA.
Ken Shackleton - cousin - Massachusetts USA.

William Stephenson (d. cancer, Hull, England).

John Vincent (d. pneumonia, while trawler captain). Had 10 children.
Roy Vincent - son (d. 2006)
Hayley Vincent - great grandaughter of JV and grandaughter of Roy Vincent (Brighton, UK).

Frank Wild (d. 1939, South Africa). (Angie Butler could add information from her extensive researches on Frank Wild.)

Sir James M. Wordie (d. 1962, age 72, Cambridge, England).
Sir John Wordie - son - deceased. Four children - all grandsons.
George Wordie - son. Three children - two grandsons and one granddaughter.
Peter J. Wordie - son. Michaela Wordie Wright - granddaughter. Four additional children - two grandsons and two granddaughters. Edward Paget-Tomlinson - nephew. Two children - one grand nephew and one grand niece.
Alison Wordie Stancer - daughter. Three children - one grandson and two granddaughters.
Elizabeth Wordie Clark - daughter. Six children - five grandsons and one granddaughter.

Lt. Frank A. Worsley (d. 1943, age 70).
Eric Worsley - cousin