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(These may not all happen. = confirmed.)
"A Giant Tick Was Investigating the Carcase," the apocryphal illustration in the Aurora Australis finally turns up. Robert Stephenson (10 minutes) followed by an update on the worldwide census of copies (5 minutes)

The Midwinter Meal 22 June 1912 and the Adelie Penguin menu card. Paul Davies

Three Antarctic Books with Interesting Back Histories. Paul Davies

From South Devon to the South Pole. Paul Davies

Publications related to the James Clark Ross expedition. Michael Rosove (25 minutes by special authority)

• J. Foster Stackhouse's 1914 British Antarctic Expedition. Seamus Taaffe

The Shackleton Autumn School, Athy, Co. Kildare. Seamus Taaffe (10 minutes)

Antarctic books and biographies yet to be written. Joe O'Farrell. How about: Bios of Priestley, Joyce, Markham, Palmer, Gerlache, Bruce, Larsen, Nordenskjöld, Ronne; History of the Development of Hut Point and Environs; History of Deception Island

The Life and Times of Edgar Evans. Isobel Williams (10 minutes)

• The Louise and C. A. Larsen at Grytviken. Charles Lagerbom

• Shackleton meets Twitter. Peggy Nelson

Experiences of editing and running a small local journal with strong polar links. Jim McAdam

"The Ronne Family: Explorers of Antarctica" and subtitle: "The Legacy of the Tent left at the South Pole." (Tent made by my grandfather, Martin Rønne, on the Amundsen South Pole Expedition.) Karen Ronne Tupek

My father's experiences in Operation Highjump and Windmill. Robert Pope

Researching Antarctic history. Joan Boothe

• Reading in the high latitudes. David Stam possibly

Something Tom Crean related. David Hirzel

Illustrated talk about the Ronne Expedition (on which he was Assistant Geologist and Chief Dogteam Driver). Bob Dodson

Making Photographs in the Cold and the Dark: 1989-1994. 5 Antarctic visits dedicated to picture-making with support from NSF's Office of Polar Programs' Artists & Writers grants. Neelon Crawford (15 minutes)

• A talk on the books associated with Shackleton's four expeditions. Martin L. Greene

Was Ponting an early "Photoshopper?" Robert Stephenson (5 minutes)

• The first and second states of the Aurora Australis. Martin L. Greene

A five-minute vignette about how I researched a Shackleton ALS that led to discovery of a rather unknown article that he wrote for Youth's Companion newspaper in Boston in 1914. Martin L. Greene (5 minutes)

Perspectives and Passions of a Polar Book Collector: Twenty-five years of collecting experience, including a report on the Bonhams London Polar Sale, 30 March, 2012. Martin L. Greene

The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Stephen Hicks

A talk about Mawson and about writing my book, about the difficulties of the research, and about why the AAE isn't better known outside of Australia. David Roberts

Shackleton's Biscuit. A recent poem (New Yorker 5/21/12) and a rejoinder Dan Allen (10 minutes)

Antarctica as an elephant. Robert Stephenson (1 minute)

Penguins north! Polar bears south! Robert Stephenson (5 minutes)

The 1910-12 Shirase Japanese Antarctic Expedition: the vagaries of translating Meiji-era Japanese; their fruitless correspondence with the RGS in London; the role of Admiral Byrd in getting the Japanese place names on the map. Hilary Shibata (15-20 minutes)

The Scott Centenary Bibliography Project at SPRI. Hilary Shibata (15 minutes or less)