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The Shackleton Museum, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

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Left over from the first four SouthPole-siums:
• Some Antarctic bibliographic oddities.

• Writing for publication.

• Towards a short title catalogue of journals & diaries of Antarctic explorers.

• Some journals & diaries worth publishing.

• Some published works worth re-printing.

• Expedition publications; from the Blizzard to the Barrier Bull.

• Expedition libraries: Books that went South.

• References to food and drink in Antarctic expedition accounts.

• References to tobacco in Antarctic expedition accounts.

• Printed Antarctic ephemera.

• Scott as a writer.

• Shackleton’s “ghost writer.”

• Some Antarctic marginalia.

• Some association copies.

• Some extra-illustrated copies.

• “My greatest treasure.”

• “My greatest biblio-find.”

• Antarctic poetry: composed on expeditions and afterwards.

Tekeli-li; or, Fauno Cordes and Antarctic fiction.

• Antarctica on the stage.

• Some approaches to cataloguing and arranging an Antarctic collection.

• Antarctic maps worth collecting.

• Shackleton and Fine Printing.

• Antarctic cartoons and caricatures.

• Some Antarctic jokes.

• Byrd (Bird) art.

• Antarctic artist books. (Are there any?)

• How to preserve/protect your collection.

• Should I insure my collection? And if so, with whom?

• Some well known Antarctic collections.

• Some little known Antarctic collections.

• What Antarctic biographies need doing.

• Collecting Antarcticana and the Internet.

• Collecting through ebay, abebooks.com, etc.

• What should I do with my collection?

• What’s happening in the bookselling world?

• Buying and selling Antarcticana at auction.

• Collecting Antarctic art.

• Some Antarctic medals.

• Some Antarctic stamps.

• An Antarctic “Bucket List”: Books, Films, Collections, Places.

• Why can’t you stop Antarctic explorers dressing up in women's clothes? Should they be?

• Antarctica in Advertising, including trade cards.

• Some Antarctic artifacts.

• Antarctic archival repositories in the US (will there ever be an American equivalent of SPRI? and should there be?)

• Frank Hurley—The Original ‘Photoshopper.’

• Arctic explorers who went south…and vice versa.

• What came after Aurora Australis? Books, booklets and menus & other ephemera produced in the Antarctic. (Suggested by Bob Karrow)

• Some dustjackets from 1900-1950. (Suggested by Seamus Taaffe)

• Antarctic postcards. (Suggested by Seamus Taaffe)

• Physicians who headed south. (Inspired by Isobel Williams)

• Scott took a copy of Shackleton's Heart of the Antarctic on his polar journey. Where do you suppose that book is today?

• What got me started (on collecting Antarctic books)

Some New Ones Any suggestions?
• The state of collecting Antarcticana today.