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Since the 1 February 2014 e-mail.

The names of those who responded saying "I'll definitely be there" or "I'm likely to come. Could be. Hard to say now. But keep me informed" will appear here after the February 2014 e-mail launch. Once registration commences in June 2014, those on the list who have registered will be indicated.

* indicates attended the first SouthPole-sium in 2012 in Jaffrey.

I'll definitely be there. Appearing mostly in order of receipt.
1. Rob Stephenson USA * REGISTERED
2. Falcon Scott Scotland
3. Don Webster New Zealand REGISTERED. Sadly had to withdraw.
4. Regina Daly USA * REGISTERED
5. Brad Borkan England REGISTERED
6. Antony Bowring England
7. Trevor Cornford England
8. Tom Henderson USA * Sorry can't make it
9. Bob Burton England REGISTERED
10. Jackie Burton England REGISTERED
11. Neelon Crawford USA *
12. Steve Scott-Fawcett England
13. Judy Skelton England REGISTERED
14. Cathy Cooper England REGISTERED
15. Rorke Bryan Canada REGISTERED
16. Ingrid Bryan Canada REGISTERED
17. Isobel Williams England * REGISTERED
18. David Williams England * REGISTERED
19. Robert Pope, Jr. USA * REGISTERED. Sadly had to withdraw.
20. Beckie Pope USA * REGISTERED. Sadly had to withdraw.
21. Maria Pope USA REGISTERED. Sadly had to withdraw.
22. Angela Pope Wojnicki USA REGISTERED. Sadly had to withdraw.
23. Jim McAdam Northern Ireland * REGISTERED
24. Geraldine McAdam Northern Ireland * REGISTERED
25. Joe O'Farrell Ireland *
26. Anne Strathie England REGISTERED
27. Richard Gutman USA * REGISTERED
28. Seamus Taaffe Ireland *
29. Wendy Driver England REGISTERED
30. Marjory Spoerri USA * REGISTERED
31. David Wilson England REGISTERED
32. Duncan Lawie England REGISTERED
33. Cathy Lilburne USA *
34. David Lilburne USA *
35. Ted Benttinen USA
36. Sandy Benttinen USA
37. Christopher Edwards Scotland Sorry can't make it
38. Cris de Boos England
39. Lesley de Boos England
40. Jonathan Shackleton Ireland
41. Michael Rosove USA * REGISTERED
42. Sheila Rosove USA REGISTERED
43. Larry Conrad England REGISTERED
44. Janice Tipping England REGISTERED. Sadly had to withdraw.
45. Rick Dehmel USA * REGISTERED
46. Suzy Dehmel USA REGISTERED
47. David Hirzel USA * REGISTERED
48. John Button England REGISTERED
49. Geir Kløver Norway REGISTERED
50. Ken Thomas England REGISTERED
51. Mike Tarver England REGISTERED
52. John Bonham England * REGISTERED
53. Sue Bonham England * REGISTERED
54. Kellie Gutman USA REGISTERED
55. Donald Kerr England REGISTERED
56. Valerie Kerr England REGISTERED
57. Cathy Corbishley Michel England REGISTERED
58. Gary Paine Ireland REGISTERED
59. Geoff Michel England REGISTERED
60. Robert K. Headland England REGISTERED
61. Michael Parker England REGISTERED

Those not listed above who responded to earlier e-mails in 2012 and 2013 and said they would "definitely come":
1. Jesse Blackadder Australia Sorry can't make it
2. Millie Henderson USA Sorry can't make it
3. Bernadette Hince Australia
4. Gretchen Legler USA
5. Richard Pierce England *
6. Paula Williams England
I'm likely to come. Could be. Hard to say now. But keep me informed.
1. Heather Lane England
2. Mary Royds Cleveland England
3. Juliet Evans England
4. Jeffrey Evans England
5. Margot Morrell USA
6. George Skinner England
7. Valerie Skinner England
8. Heather Rossiter Australia
9. Andrew Atkin Australia
10. Joe Fitzsimmons USA REGISTERED
11. Beth Fitzsimmons USA REGISTERED
12. Mark Tewfik USA Sorry can't make it
13. Janet Muir Australia
14. Elizabeth Leane Australia
15. Michael Smith England
16. Barbara Smith England
17. Andrea Davies England REGISTERED
18. Paul Davies England * REGISTERED
19. Laura Kissel USA Sorry can't make it
20. James Perowne England
21. Philip Sidney England REGISTERED
22. Helen Kahn Canada Sorry can't make it
23. Alison Jolley England REGISTERED
24. Jay Platt USA *
25. Marilyn Churchill USA *
26. Wilson McOrist Australia
27. Sally Larsen USA * Sorry can't make it
28. Bruce Larsen USA * Sorry can't make it
29. Celene Pickard England
30. Nigel Watson New Zealand Sorry can't make it
31. Dian Olson Belanger USA
32. Angie Butler England
33. Joan Boothe USA * REGISTERED
34. Brenda Bhatti USA
35. Nadia Bhatti USA *
36. Tom Parsons USA
37. Norena McAdam Scotland
38. Paul Chaplin Norway Sorry can't make it
39. Kirsti Paulsen Norway Sorry can't make it
40. Pat Quilty Australia REGISTERED
41. Alan Payne England REGISTERED
42. Stephen Haddelsey England Sorry can't make it
43. Kevin Kenny Ireland
44. Carol Devine Canada
45. Wendy Trusler Canada
Unlikely to be able to come, but there is a chance; please keep me informed.
1. Jay Satterfield USA
2. Stephen Hicks NZ *
3. Rosemarie Keough Canada
4. Pat Keough Canada
5. Shane Murphy USA Sorry can't make it
Can't make it but keep me informed
1. G. M. Calhoun USA
2. Jason Anthony USA *
3. John Splettstoesser USA
4. Robert Pope, Jr. USA
Sorry. Can't make it
1. Arthur Dunkelman USA
2. Ross MacPhee USA
3. Leonie Cash Australia
4. Brian Sandford USA
5. Ian Morrison Australia
6. Jeff Cox England
7. Bill Fox USA
8. Bob Dodson USA *
9. Ran Fiennes England
10. Steve Dibbern USA
11. Lisle Rose USA
12. Philippa Foster-Back England
13. Richard Reaney New Zealand
14. Dafila Scott England