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I will have a car and will be driving from the Perth area on the Friday and can offer a lift from Oban to Lunga (probably around midday) for up to 3 people. I will also be driving from Lunga to the dinner in Dundee on the Monday afternoon and again can offer a lift for up to 3 people.
Please contact me to secure a place. I can also assist with local travel over the weekend if required.
Eric Jarvis eric.jarvis@virgin.net Tel: 07724 121366

I shall be driving up, and could offer lifts (up to 3 people) Glasgow-Craobh Haven on 1 May leaving Glasgow around 1pm, and Craobh Haven-Glasgow on 5 May leaving after breakfast.
John Button radicaljohnb@gmail.com

Ann Shirley and Ros Marsden are spending the night 29th-30th in Oban. We need transport to Lunga House on Thursday. Can anyone share a taxi with us or can we share yours. WE haven't booked one yet. WE would prefer mid-day travel.
Ros Marsden ros.marsden@virgin.net

Brad Borkan has been keeping me up to date about options to get from Glasgow airport to Kilmartin on the Friday, but I'm not sure how I'll get back. I realise now that it's a bank holiday here in England on the Monday, which is why there are so few flights remaining. If I can get to Glasgow for c. 5pm I can take a train. I'm trying to find out who'll be heading back that day.
Stuart Leggatt info@meridianrarebooks.co.uk

If I am coming into Glasgow Airport (GLA) at the same time as others, I would like to travel with them to Lunga House.
Arriving: 7: 30 a.m. April 29, Wednesday, via United Airlines Flight 161 which will have left Newark Liberty airport (EWR) at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28.
Marj Spoerri spoerri@optonline.net

I've emailed Trevor Potts to take him up on his very kind offer of a lift from Oban to Craobh Haven, although at present I have little idea of how I'm going to get back to London on Monday. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone planning to drive or taxi in the direction of Oban or Glasgow on Monday the 4th—if you're heading that way at some point during the day, please e-mail me.
Philip Sidney pwesidney@googlemail.com

Logistically-wise, I plan to rent a car the whole time I'm there, and would like to share some of the expenses between Croabh Haven and Dundee on May 4. Also return to Glasgow from Dundee May 6. I'll be staying in Kilmartin during the meeting, and can share car thus also. Interested parties may contact me directly via email.
David Hirzel david_hirzel@sbcglobal.net

Dear Regina Daly. I have booked a taxi for the three of us from Lunga House to Dundee arriving in Dundee about 4.30-5 and leaving at about 1pm. Cost is about £180 plus tip, There is a fourth place in the car if anyone wants one.
Cathy Corbishley Michel cathycm33@gmail.com

Cathy, I too need to get to Dundee on Monday night. I posted my need a while ago but it seems my post got lost. I'd share a taxi but I'll bet the cost would be prohibitive. Can you pursue info about that?
Regina Daly rwdaly@yahoo.com

Train: I'll take the Thursday night train to Glasgow and the 08:21 to Oban. There might be others aboard this one. Bill Barr has offered to meet me at the station on Friday (and will have a couple of spare seats). My return is open—but there are minor booking complications owing to railway works affecting the southbound night trains.
Bob Headland rkh10@cam.ac.uk

I expect to be coming through Oban at 3-4 in the afternoon (Friday) and will have a spare seat or two if anyone needs a lift.
Trevor Potts trevor@trevorpotts.com

I've arranged to pick up Bob Headland from the 11.27 train at Oban on the Friday morning. Assuming they don't have too much luggage I could also pick up at least 2 other people.
Bill Barr wbarr@ucalgary.ca

I cannot drive in The UK so I'll be taking trains or busses to get to Oban on Thursday. Is anybody else arriving there with whom I can share taxi costs?
Also, I have no way to get to the dinner aboard Discovery in Dundee on Monday night. I travel with only one carry on piece of luggage. Does any one have extra room in their car? Any other suggestions? Thank you, Regina
Regina Daly rwdaly@yahoo.com

Cathy, I too need to get to Dundee on Monday night. I posted my need a while ago but it seems my post got lost. I'd share a taxi but I'll bet the cost would be prohibitive. Can you pursue info about that?
Regina Daly rwdaly@yahoo.com

We have sorted a shared taxi with Brad from Glasgow to Lunga House but are looking to share a car or taxi to Dundee on the Monday. We could also consider a taxi to somewhere like Perth and then taking the train from there.
Cathy Corbishley Michel and Geoff Michel cathycm33@gmail.com

Just to let you know I will be flying into Glasgow on Thursday early evening and then driving to a B&B at Kilmartin if anyone you know needs a lift. I will need to return on Sunday afternoon.
Paul Davies paul@kingsbridgebooks.co.uk

My plan is to fly to Glasgow on Friday May 1, arriving around 11:30am and taking a taxi. I've called around, and a pre-booked taxi costs £100 from a reputable company. If I can share that with a few others, the cost is quite inexpensive considering it's a journey taking over 2 hours.
Brad Borkan bborkan@blueyonder.co.uk

Have any of the attendees mentioned the possibility of shared accommodations with others? I'm exploring options to hold costs down. Kilmartin Hotel has good rates, but about a 10 mile drive to Lunga House.
David Hirzel david_hirzel@sbcglobal.net