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Would you be interested in doing a short presentation? Let us know and we'll add it.
1. The Adelie Mail and Cape Adare Times, the Northern Party's newspaper, one issue, one copy. Rob Stephenson

2. Some Scott and Bowers letters, photos, etc. Trevor Cornford

3. Something stemming from his PhD thesis "Scott's Last Expedition and the Literature of Cold." Philip Sidney

4. I was looking over the possible ideas for talks, and I would like to participate in one that deals with food and drink references in Antarctic literature. I would also like to see how food and nutrition concerns are addressed today, in comparison. Richard Gutman

5. Sounds great and I'd love to do something on my new book about the Antarctics in WWI—the book will be done and dusted by then, publication probably August/September 2015. Anne Strathie

6. Cook's Second Voyage; its books. Michael Rosove

7. "What the whalers really told Shackleton: how reality is lost in myth"(Or something like that). Bob Burton

8. "The Strange and Awful History of Scurvy". Bob Burton

9. Robert Pope, Sr., and Operations Highjump and Windmill. Robert Pope, Jr.

10. Perhaps something on her new book "Scott and Charcot at the col du Lautaret." Judy Skelton

11. I could give a very short presentation on
    1) the future of icebreaking;
    2) dog-team driving with the British Antarctic Survey.
I hope that there will be a serious discussion on what we might expect the future of Antarctic exploration/activities to be like in view of
    1) the pressures for economic development; and
    2) competition for funding from Arctic; and
    3) Tourism pressures.
Rorke Bryan