Sponsors: The Antarctic Circle and Falcon Scott
Co-Sponsors: Don Webster (New Zealand), Janice Tipping (England) Joan Boothe (USA)
Maggs Bros. Booksellers (England), Kingsbridge Books (Paul Davies, England), Meridian Rare Books (Stuart Leggatt, England), Fram Museum (Geir Kløver, Norway)

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The following items will be auctioned at the Banquet on Saturday evening. More lots are welcome. Bring them along: books, artifacts, ephemera.
You can designate that proceeds go to support the SouthPole-sium or to another charity or are split 50-50 between the donor and the SouthPole-sium or charity.
Our auctioneer will be John Bonham, ably assisted by Anne Strathie.

From Wendy Driver:

"I have just been given a bottle of cognac in an oak box from one of my journalist friends. It is from MS Fram, launched in 2008 and named after the original ship. The Cognac is made from ice water taken from the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans and thought I might bring it up to auction (except it weighs a ton!). However I would like the proceeds to go to the Antarctic Heritage Trust and would want to put a reserve price of £60 on it."

From Cathy Cooper:

Pile 'Em High—Kipper Williams. 2001
A rare opportunity to own the original artwork for a Kipper Williams cartoon having a humorous dig at those Antarctic book collectors!
Sadly I own most of the books depicted as I expect most of you do.
The artwork is the original pen and ink drawing plus a coloured photocopy signed by the artist. I am not sure if the colouring has been done by hand or by computer. There are also instructions in pencil for the printers.
I saw the cartoon in the paper and tracked it down to the Cartoon Gallery in Great Russell Street, London.
I bought it on 7 November 2001 and paid £120.00.
This is a brilliant addition to a collection and I will include the original pen and ink, the coloured p/copy, a copy of the cartoon as cut out of the paper and the receipt (if required). The artwork is on A4 paper.
I will put a reserve on this of £100 which is excellent value.
Any funds raised will go to my dedicated charity to help working horses and donkeys, The Brooke Hospital.

From Joe Fitzsimmons:

Joe plans to bring one or more duplicates from his book collection.

From Rob Stephenson:

Some pieces of the Discovery
Some pieces of the Terra Nova
A rock from Elephant Island
Some assorted past Keepsakes
Some Antarctic stamps and covers
Fred Goldberg et al, The Swedish Hut in Antarctica; the construction and preservation of the Nordenskjöld hut on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica
Elke Heidenreich, Some Folk Think the South Pole's Hot; the three tenors play the Antarctic
Three matches from Shackleton's Cape Royds' hut
An Italian Antarctic Program decal
A US Antarctic Program decal
A penguin lapel pin
A penguin necktie
And a large red container!

The proceeds will go towards the costs of the SouthPole-sium v.2.

From Seamus Taaffe:

A copy of the facsimile of Murray and Marston's Antarctic Days.
The proceeds will go to cover the costs of the SouthPole-sium v.2.
Seamus will also be bringing some duplicates to sell or auction.

From Cathy Corbishley Michel:

Cyanotype print on Cotton from digital negative of Frank Hurley's photograph.