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A haiku in English is a very short poem in the English language, following to a greater or lesser extent the form and style of the Japanese haiku. A typical haiku is a three-line quirky observation about a fleeting moment involving nature. Source: Wikipedia

Bluest blue light
in sparkling whitest tallest iceberg.
Penguin - black tie.
(Entry 1)

Full ahead pierce the floe,
wedged tight, parked - all ashore!
Lunch served on the ice.
(Entry 2)

Cracks leap to our tables!
Follow your leader! Watch your step!
All aboard!
(Entry 3)

Ship ploughs through huge pack
penguins slide dive gone
hush - albatross at arm's length.
(Entry 4)

White icicles fill blue caves,
great ice columns on lilac sea.
(Entry 5)

Midnight sun Coulman Island
sea ice glistens twinkles
colours explode.
(Entry 6)

His Frozen Fetlock
Stamping in a cloud of breath
Morning has broken
(Entry 7)

Trudge the weary path
Through bitter cold and hunger
Hoof prints in the snow
(Entry 8)

My pony is dead
He served me well in hard times
Fed me and my dogs
(Entry 9)

Beneath icy crust
Spirit gallops on and on
Shambles camp is gone
(Entry 10)

Glittering icebergs
Drifting through a silent sea
With walls of turquoise
(Entry 11)

A line of sledges
Inches over frozen wastes
Into history
(Entry 12)

Luminous colours
Dancing in the endless night
Veil the twinkling stars
(Entry 13)

100 dark days.
The sun crests the horizon
Harbinger of light.
(Entry 14)

Glaciers meet the sea
Wind-whipped snow obscures the sky
Coldest place on earth.
(Entry 15)